Apple still dominates the wearables market

Apple continues to hold a dominant leadership position in the global wearables market. The company remained the clear leader in global sales in the fourth quarter. However: the competition is alive and well and the competition is becoming increasingly lively.

Apple maintains its leadership in the global wearables market, which underscores a current one assessment the market researcher from IDC. According to this, Apple was able to sell around 55.6 million wearables worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2020, which corresponds to a global market share for wearables of around 36.2%.

Wearables Sales Worldwide Q4 2019 / Q4 2020 - Infographic - IDC

Wearables Sales Worldwide Q4 2019 / Q4 2020 – Infographic – IDC

The market share remained unchanged compared to the same period of the previous year, but the number of devices sold rose sharply, which was around 443.7 million units sold worldwide in the same quarter of the previous year.

Apple Watch sales are growing strongly

The competition is active, but still far behind. According to the data from IDC, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is coming, it was able to sell around 13.5 million units worldwide in Q4 2020, which corresponds to a global market share of around 8.8%.

Closely behind is Samsung with around 13 million units sold worldwide in Q4 2020, Huawei was able to sell around 10.2 million devices.
The Apple Watch drove the sale of the wearables significantly, which was mainly due to the broad portfolio with the cheap Apple Watch SE (Affiliate link), which is attributed to the even cheaper and now obsolete entry-level version Apple Watch Series 3 and the current Apple Watch Series 6.
IDC estimates that sales of the Apple Watch increased by around 45.6% in Q4 2020.

For hearables, i.e. headphones, Apple had an estimated 34.1% global market share in 2020, which corresponds to around 151.4 million units sold worldwide. Xiaomi is also behind Apple here and has around 50.7 million units sold, Samsung has 43.5 million units and Huawei finally was able to sell around 40 million units last year.

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