iOS 14 is installed on 80% of all active iPhones

iOS 14 is currently installed on around 80% of all iPhones. If you look at the more recent models that have been sold in recent years, the spread is even higher. iPadOS 14 is also spreading rapidly, but a little slower than the current system for the iPhone.

Apple has again opened its statistics books for developers and interested observers and new figures on the distribution of the various system versions submitted. They are from February 24th.

iOS 14 Distribution - Infographic - Apple

iOS 14 Distribution – Infographic – Apple

According to this, iOS 14 is currently installed on around 80% of all active iPhones. If you look at all iPhones that have been sold within the last four years – this is a size that Apple has listed separately for some time – the current spread of iOS 14 is even 86%.
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As expected, the spread has slowed down since the last insight was published: On December 15 last year, iOS 14 was in use on around 72% of all iPhones. The current system had already arrived at around 81% of all devices sold in the last four years, reported.
iOS 13 is still used by around 12% of active iPhones, 2% use earlier versions.

Spread of iPadOS 14 is increasing more slowly

As usual, the current iOS is well received by users. Even if iOS 14, like its predecessors, needed some bug fix updates, some of which had eliminated annoying and unnecessary errors, the bottom line was that the start of iOS 14 can still be rated as a success. There were no catastrophic problems with the new system after it started. New features such as the widgets on the home screen also fueled the readiness for updates.
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iPadOS 14 is a little slower to reach customers. Older devices in particular are updated more slowly: around 71% of all iPads are already using iPadOS 14, while the prevalence is 84% ​​on devices that have been sold within the last four years. For comparison: In mid-December these values ​​were 61% and 75% of the devices, respectively.

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