iPhone 12 Mini is cut back | iPhone 13 with sensor shift?

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Good morning everybody! What was the most important event of yesterday? Oh … because of something with politics … A game in the Bundesliga ended 3-0 – could something be more important? In the morning, however, we take a look at the most important things in Apple land over the past 24 hours.

The iPhone 12 Mini is popular with many of you – all the more a message meets with displeasure and rejection, according to which Apple is said to have cut production of the iPhone 12 Mini. According to the supply chain, the small model is simply not in demand. Nevertheless, for the time being Apple should stick to the Mini, at least in the iPhone 13 lineup.

Will the iPhone 13 lineup be equipped with stabilized sensors?
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Another current question in the rumor mill revolves around the iPhone, but here is the next iPhone generation: The iPhone 13 is to be equipped with a stabilized image sensor in the entire lineup: Currently the lens is mostly stabilized. Currently, only the iPhone 12 Pro Max offers sensor shift, as the new approach is called more here.

The Apple Car may be built in the United States

We already know a lot about Apple’s possible plans to build its own car: In 2024 it could hit the market. It has now been announced that the vehicles may be built in a factory in the USA, a state that has recently played a not insignificant role in US politics, here you can read the few known details.

Donald Trump is still a threat to the public

Donald Trump is no longer President of the USA, but he still poses a threat to social peace, at least within the USA. So YouTube justifies that politicians and entrepreneurs still at least Blocked on YouTube for another week remains, Twitter and Facebook already had after the storm on the Capitol similar measures seized.

In short

What else was important

Apple should only be enthusiastic to a limited extent who recently presented an executable Linux port for the M1 Mac, because this company recently brought Apple to court a major defeat at. Now it was shown there that Linux basically has no existential problems can start on the M1-MacHowever, it will take a while before there are finished installation packages for the end customer, and this also applies to Windows on the M1 Mac.

The Beats Flex are getting even more colorful.

Now all colors are finally represented: Customers can now purchase the Beats Flex from Apple in four color versions: The versions in flame blue and smoke gray were added yesterday, more here. The Beats Flex are the cheapest entry into the Beats lineup.

Netflix continues to earn splendidly.

Corona was an immense challenge for the streaming industry, but at the same time it benefited from the social restrictions of the pandemic like few other economic sectors. Netflix notes that in the form of a shiny 2020: Sales and profits rose sharply, More than 200 million users worldwide currently subscribe to the service.
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There you can already a small price increase approve – it is now also coming to Germany.

At this point I would like to wish you a nice day and say goodbye until tomorrow’s early edition.

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