Apple’s AR glasses should weigh less than 150 grams

Apple's AR glasses should weigh less than 150 grams

Apple’s AR glasses will once again be significantly lighter than the current prototypes. These are reportedly in the range of 300 to 400 grams. Apple allegedly achieved the considerable weight reduction through an innovatively designed lens.

Apple’s AR headset should be as light as possible. The reduction in weight is a key factor for Apple in the development work, so the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a new note for TF International Securities investors. Therefore, a target value for the glasses of less than 150 grams has been issued.
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The prototypes currently weigh about twice as much. As he further writes, Apple wants to achieve this weight reduction by using a hybrid Fresnel lens, which is made up of a stack of three Fresnel lenses per eye. A plastic material should be used as the material, the properties of which correspond to those of glass.

According to the analyst, Apple will mainly obtain these lenses from Young Optics.
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Genius Electronic Optical will also deliver contingents to Apple, but is more expensive in terms of prices.

Apple should present the first VR helmet in the middle of next year

In previous forecasts, among other things, it was speculated that Apple would call a price of around $ 3,000 for its first AR or mixed reality headset. Prices that were slightly lower were also discussed at times. The market launch is currently targeted by Apple for the middle of next year, as we did in a previous message had reported. This will up to 15 cameras own and have a innovative eye control have, it was said recently in the rumor mill.

Apple also has real AR glasses in the pipeline for use on the go, and they will come onto the market around 2025, according to the observers.

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