Apple’s HomePod their latest flop so far

HomePod Mini

Making our homes smarter is becoming more common and of course, Apple wants to be on the train, but apparently, they do not succeed with their smart speakers.

Apple started selling its first HomePod speakers back in 2017, but it does not really look like a big seller at Apple. A user recently announced that he bought two HomePods where he could see that one was manufactured in December 2017 and the other in February 2018.

This if anything is an indication that Apple still has stock on HomePods that were manufactured at launch they have not been sold as they are running now. Apple may not want to unexpectedly present exact figures for the HomePod and it probably has its reasons.

Now, however, Apple also has the HomePod Mini which seems to have sold significantly better than the larger speaker, much may be due to the fact that the price of 99 dollars is more reasonable for this type of speaker than 299 dollars.

It will be fun and see in the future if Apple will continue to invest in smart speakers or smart homes also in the future or if they are content with software such as Homekit.

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