Are you ready to find love?

Are you ready to find love?

Now the dating app is launched FeelAgain for those who are tagged on finding new acquaintances, friends or perhaps the lifelong love. FeelAgain is launched in Scandinavia as it is a region where the need for a more serious dating app is greater than ever. The app is aimed at a more mature target group over 30 years who know what they want. Therefore, everything superfluous has been removed and focus has been placed on clear and simple functions.
Safety has been put in the forefront as FeelAgain believes that less hassle and more security is the recipe for successful dating.

Dating for sure

At FeelAgain, great emphasis is placed on safety and integrity. We have a system to block fraudulent accounts and prevent fraud. This is done in part via an automatic filter system that responds to suspicious photos and transactions. This is also done through a review of registered users in the app’s fraud department. In the app, each user can activate FeelAgain SafeMode, which means that they can not be contacted by fake accounts, and that we verify that all accounts with FeelAgain SafeMode activated are genuine. In other words, the app offers an incredibly secure way to date, which only makes it more fun.

Be able to meet on several fronts

The app rewards simplicity over distracting ads and notifications. The app’s interface is developed with users’ behaviors and priorities in mind. Everything that happens in the app is displayed in the main menu, the chat function is easy to use and you can both swipe and visit the like gallery.
In the future, you should be able to interact via several platforms and social media. FeelAgain will start by communicating with users via Facebook in order to fulfill their wishes and inform about activities related to the project. This, combined with the security system, will build a strong community in the long run.

The open app

Anyone who is unsure of the type of meetings or new relationship that attracts the most can be calm. FeelAgain works actively to get away from meetings based on stereotypes and labels and enables users not to specify orientation. Instead, the focus is on the meeting between people and their interests or desire to discover. We are also aware of softer cultural values ​​that take a large place in people’s views of life and values. What in Scandinavia is often a concept such as coffee, fit, cozy or sisu. In other words, the app opens up for both lifelong friendship and romantic love. Download FeelAgain right away, and you might find love soon!

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