Arlo Ultra 2 security camera in progress

Arlo Ultra 2

Ultra 2 – Arlo’s most advanced security camera is coming soon. The camera should capture four times more detail than “regular” security cameras, according to the manufacturer.

Arlo Ultra 2 is a 4K model with HDR support and a 180-degree field of view. The sensor itself has a resolution of eight megapixels.

The camera has, among other things, functions for autozoom and “tracking” to follow moving objects.

With Arlo Smart Security, 4K recordings from the Ultra 2 camera can be stored in the cloud for 30 days. A subscription solution also allows the user to unlock enhanced detection features via an AI solution. For example, it should increase the ability to distinguish humans from animals.

Arlo Ultra 2-kit
Arlo Ultra 2 can be bought in a starter kit with two units for around $516



Mobile notifications

Of course, you as a user can receive notifications on your mobile phone in case of suspicious activity in order to activate the siren or headlights. The camera has two-way sound with noise reduction that allows you to both listen and talk between mobile / camera.

Easy to install thanks to battery operation

Ultra 2 does not require a fixed installation but works completely wirelessly via the company’s so-called Smarthub, which in turn is connected to a router. The base station also supports local movie storage. The battery should last six months on a charge according to Arlo, but the actual time can probably vary quite a bit depending on how you use the camera.

The camera is weatherproof and should work from -20 degrees up to 45 degrees. The price tag is around $516 for a package with two cameras.

Arlo Ultra 2 - night


Ultra 2 has a built-in lamp that can be activated remotely. It can also film in the dark.

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