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Arlo Ultra 2 best prices and Features


Arlo Ultra 2 is a new surveillance camera with 4K resolution, zoom up to 12x, and night vision.

The new surveillance camera comes to reaches the stores with a target price of around $159.99 for a single camera, up to $849.95 for a four-pack.

Arlo Ultra 2 has a host of smart features and AI applications that make it easy to identify what’s in front of the surveillance camera.

All identification functions work without quality loss all the way up to 12x zoom. At the same time, the Arlo Ultra 2 has a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees to capture as much as possible in front of the lens.

Automatic zoom and motion tracking

There is built-in auto-zoom and motion tracking which means that the focus is always on movements in front of the surveillance camera.

Everything that is recorded is saved locally or on cloud storage for you who have a subscription to Arlo Smart.

Arlo Smart is available in two variants – Premier and Elite – where the latter is the best option for you who want to save 4K clips from Arlo Ultra 2 (otherwise the video quality is automatically scaled to 2K with Premier).

The approximate prices are per month for Premier and per month for Elite.
You can read more about Arlo Smart here.

Messages in the mobile and built-in headlight/siren

If Arlo Ultra 2 detects movement, the smart system can send a message to your mobile phone.

Then you get the chance to log in yourself via the companion app and see in real-time what is happening in the home. The surveillance camera can also turn on the built-in headlight and activate a siren if needed.

The built-in microphone intercepts all sounds that occur near the surveillance camera and you can also talk directly to any people in the home using a speaker.

Arlo Ultra 2 has active noise reduction that will help create as clear and distinct a sound image as possible.

Get differences between Arlo Ultra 2 and old Arlo Ultra

The only big news between Arlo Ultra 2 and its predecessor Arlo Ultra is that the former supports WiFi over the 5GHz band.

This allows you to get faster file transfer when you have good signal strength to the router because the bandwidth is higher than with 2.4GHz. At the same time, 5GHz is more sensitive to obstacles and long distances, so if you have a long way to the router, it is not certain that the support will be relevant for your particular surveillance cameras in the home.
Arlo Ultra was introduced in late November 2018, so that these are just small changes is perhaps a bit of a disappointment. What do you think?

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