Article: 4 indie games to look forward to 2021

Article: 4 indie games to look forward to 2021

It was not long ago that the very concept of “indie games” was completely new. Of course, since the beginning of the gaming industry, there have been independent game developers who only through their personal passion and drive developed a game, but it was not until the late 00’s that the scene really broke through with titles like Braid and Super Meat Boy.
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Nowadays, indie games are everywhere. The definition of what an indie game actually is has broadened a lot (medium-sized companies have become the norm instead of individual developers), but like so much else, the definition is on a spectrum.

Something that is positive about indie games is the diversity that the industry has the opportunity to offer. Today’s gaming enthusiasts really have their hands full.
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The same applies to other gaming industries, such as the casino industry. Here you will find everything from new variants of poker and roulette, to specially developed slot games that offer a whole host of interesting features and themes. No matter what type of gamer you are – gambler or computer gamer, we hope the following article can help you find something interesting to look forward to!

Hollow Knight: Silksong

Team Cherry was pretty quiet about its long-awaited sequel to Hollow Knight in 2020, but thankfully it seems like things are turning around. About a year ago, Team Cherry let journalists take a look at gameplay and from what we’ve seen, the cornerstones already seem to be in place. It looks at least as fun as its predecessor.

Hollow Knight: Silksong was originally planned to be released as a DLC for Hollow Knight, but Team Cherry thought it would be better to simply turn it into a sequel. Given Team Cherry’s past achievements, there is much to look forward to. In Hollow Knight: Silksong, we return to the same world, but get the opportunity to explore new places and characters.

Axiom Verge 2

The first Axiom Verge came at a time when the gaming world had a big craving for a new Super Metroid. Nintendo did not seem to be directly on the way to developing something like this, so the responsibility fell instead indie developers. A man named Tom Happ used his early inspiration from games such as Super Metroid to create what turned out to be a fantastic adventure game.

Since the release of Axiom Verge, several fantastic Metroidvanias have been developed and released, making the launch of Axiom Verge 2 such a big event in the indie world. The first game helped fill the void left by people who loved Super Metroid and hopefully Tom Happ succeeds again!


Aesthetically, Eastward is a bit like Studio Ghibli would make a 2D sprite game in collaboration with Nintendo and use The Legend of Zelda as a design basis. Here, however, you play a bearded old miner named John, who finds a strange girl named Sam. Sam has magical powers and together they manage to escape and save the world. Cliché maybe, but it looks really interesting. The most prominent is the game’s beautifully detailed environments and inviting atmosphere. The cuddle factor also seems to be on top here!


Sable is a long-awaited adventure game with a large open world where the main character Sable glides through a mysterious desert. It is a game whose main focus is to explore new environments. The main theme is freedom and letting the player choose his style of play. The game has no set pace that all players must follow. There are scattered secrets, puzzles, collectibles and NPCs to meet on the way to the final destination.

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