Article: Can Apple make VR interesting again?

Article: Can Apple make VR interesting again?

Virtual reality has had a tough time, it has never really taken off, but can Apple change this?

In recent days, it has been rumored that Apple feels ready to show off its VR headset, but as usual when it comes to Apple, they want to impress, not only with their hardware but also with the price tag.

It is rumored that this is a VR headset that will have 8K resolution, which would have been really good, but at the same time it is rumored that the price tag can be hefty, really hefty at almost 30,000 kronor.

But the question that I and probably many others ask myself is whether Apple can really make VR really take off this time. VR has been with us for a few years now but has never really become a major hit and it is more something that everyone has or wants.

This applies both when it comes to hardware but also games, there are a few really good games and AAA titles that have become many favorites. But is it worth playing these games if you have to buy a headset for several thousand kroner?

Just think of the idea of ​​being able to go to the casino in a virtual world, or why not see Swedish betting sites and choose the one that suits you best for a little fun or just to make a visit because you can. Perfect in times like these when the pandemic sets in.

However, the possibilities with VR are enormous, in addition to games, there is much more than you could actually use it for, but which may not be done primarily for the cost but also an extra element. AR (argumented reality) is, however, something I think will be much more popular in the future, where we already have our phones that do this really well and we really only need one surface either indoors or outdoors.

Apple has previously managed to get technology and interest in technology that has been around for a long time but maybe not really good enough that you could invest money in it, can it really be different with VR now believe? Can Apple succeed with VR that no one else has been able to?

If I know the Apple gang right, they are guaranteed to release a VR headset that impresses with its hardware and design, but maybe not as much when it comes to the price tag.
Even now, there is speculation that their VR headset can cost up to 30,000 kronor, which in my opinion is WAY too much money for a technology that has not managed to take off in several years.

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