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Article: Is the new Galaxy S21 Ultra the best gaming mobile to date?

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung has officially introduced the next generation of Galaxy phones, in the form of the S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra 5G models.

Those who pre-order the Ultra 5G model can, among other things, look forward to a camera with 108 MP and the possibility of filming in 8K – but what does it look like on the gaming front? Smartphones have so far left a lot to be desired when it comes to more advanced games, can the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G change that?

The screen

Samsung has long produced phone screens in absolute top class, and with the S21 Ultra 5G they manage to raise the bar even further. The screen promises a visually satisfying gaming experience – and then we do not mean games online as on Jalla Live Casino, some sudoku game, or some other simple game. No, the 6.8 ”Infinity-O display can handle significantly more advanced things than that.

The screen is of the Dynamic AMOLED 2X type, with a brightness of 1,500 rivets, a color volume of 100 percent and with 50 percent more contrast than previous models. The brightness and colors mean that you could have a satisfying gaming experience even in sunlight. However, it is not the most impressive aspect of the phone screen.

From a gamer’s perspective, it’s probably the 120 Hz screen that stands out the most. 120 Hz means a refresh rate that guarantees a good flow, and which is also on par with many much larger gaming screens.

In addition to an improved screen, the hardware in the new Galaxy generation has been updated with a new 5nm processor and up to 16 GB of RAM.

AI: n

With the help of AI technology and Samsung’s so-called “Game Booster”, the gaming experience will be on S21 Ultra 5G become even better than before. A problem with playing on smartphones has long been that the phones’ other functions have got in the way of the gaming experience.

The new Game Booster version comes with a priority mode that prevents things like calls and notices from interfering while you play, but instead is blocked.

At the same time, the AI ​​in the phone is actively working to optimize your gaming experience even more. For example, it automatically adjusts settings according to how you use the phone, and regulates its temperature, battery and memory.

The connection

Thanks to the fact that 5G has started to establish itself more and more and that the S21 Ultra 5G – as the name suggests – supports 5G surfing, online games with other players will flow much more smoothly than before.

Games where you play with or against others in real time are often dependent on the availability of a stable WiFi connection, but with 5G the chances increase that you can play that type of game without any problems, even when you are on the go.


Demanding games are becoming more common for our smartphones, and if you want to stress test your S21 Ultra 5G as soon as you get it, we have some game tips.

If it’s nostalgic vibes that feel appealing to you, a game like Mario Kart Tour would probably be a good alternative. If FPS games are your cup of tea, there are also many good alternatives. Two of them are the mobile version of the much-appreciated Fortnite and award-winning Call of Duty: Mobile.

Our smartphones probably have a bit left before they can replace the game consoles when it comes to a solid gaming experience. With that said, the development of phones is progressing fast, with annual launches of new generations, and they are getting better at handling games.


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