Article: The games are delayed but still broken

Cyberpunk 2077 PS4

It feels like all the new big titles that have been released recently in the gaming industry have been far from what consumers had hoped for.

It’s really nothing new that video games / computer games should be buggy, we’ve been through it since time immemorial but now it’s probably worse than ever, why?

In just six months, we have two major AAA titles that have really broken, Cyberpunk 2077 and Outriders. Cyberpunk 2077 was a game that the whole market was really looking forward to, competitors moved their games so as not to end up in the “shadow” of Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 was almost delayed, if not a whole year and then I get the feeling that when the games are delayed anyway, the expectations for the game are even higher, they get more time, time that the developers themselves really want. No consumer forces the developers to release their games, we do not get a date so we really know nothing about the time they have or need.

Imagine if it had been the same with other types of games as with video games today, it would never last in the long run, play on and that you win money sometimes, if it does not bug or shut you out. It would have been a pure disaster, but at the same time maybe game developers should learn from this industry where you obviously do the right thing, release nothing that is half-baked but only bug-free and safe.

CD Projekt Red who developed Cyberpunk 2077 said several times that they release the game when they “feel ready”, something the fans liked and respected. But when we then got a release date, when the dates were moved forward again and again and once Cyberpunk 2077 was released, it was far from what we had expected and it was a game that more or less became this year’s if not the decade’s disappointment in terms of games.

Another example of a game that many have been looking forward to is Outriders from People Can Fly, here we have another example of a game that has been delayed time and time again and once it is released it is more or less unplayable.
The developers themselves say that “soon the game will be more stable”, but it is COMPLETELY unacceptable, the game should be stable from day ONE as it once was with games.

Now it seems that the developers want us to feel sorry for them and like them more because they “struggle and struggle” to fix their own mistakes, fix their own mistakes that they have created, no one else.

These are just two examples of recently released games, there are so many more games that have been through the same thing, where the developers more or less want an excuse for working on solving their own problems, but problems that should never even available at launch. Will we ever get to know that games are 100% complete and that the developers are only working on minor adjustments and upcoming DLC ​​or expansions to the game?

It feels like everything that has to do with finished games is far away in the current situation, unfortunately, of course that the games become more complex, larger and offer much more today than they did 10-15 years ago. But then I also think that the developers get more time, take the time needed to release the game, money controls a lot and the mistake is that consumers, we, buy the games regardless of condition and make studios make huge sums of money on it though the games are not finished.

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