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Article: Will the launch of the Analogue Pocket handheld console, which is planned for 2021, be able to change the gaming world?


Analogue Pocket is a handheld console that will be launched in 2021. The company that manufactures the device is Analogue Inc.
and will release the device to the public in May 2021. The product was previously pre-ordered, but the product ran out in just 8 minutes, which has contributed to the hype behind the gaming unit.

Why is Analogue Pocket so much anticipated? One of the reasons is that it is compatible with many of the games sold to previous devices from other manufacturers, for example Game Boy and Atari Lynx. But there are other reasons too…

5 reasons why Analogue Pocket can succeed well in 2021

Analogue Pocket may succeed very well in 2021 for the following reasons:

  • Analogue Pocket can be connected to other devices. This handheld device can be connected to a computer or TV. However, it does not have a browser that you can use to surf the internet, play other games or online bingo on. It does not matter much, you have a computer or phone for these purposes, right?
  • The device is cheap. Priced at $ 199, it is one of the cheaper gaming devices on the market.
    The price will play a crucial role because more people will be able to afford to buy the device compared to an expensive device. $ 199 is also about what most people can imagine paying for a handheld game console.
  • Players are missing the old Game Boy units. The classic Game Boy device from Nintendo is what many are missing. Analogue Pocket is somewhat similar to Game Boy and will be compatible with the old games, which may be a strong driving force behind the popularity behind the new handheld device from Analogue Inc.
  • The device is compatible with Game boy games. The new device will be compatible with a variety of games, such as games from the classic Game Boy devices. For that reason, many people will buy the device for nostalgic reasons, but also to be able to use the games that are probably just lying around in a box.
  • Pre-bookings sold out in 8 minutes. Given that the pre-orders sold out in 8 minutes we can expect the handheld device Analogue Pocket to be a great success during the year. It is hyped, coveted and will work with a large amount of games.


The Analogue Pocket handheld device from Analogue Inc. is expected to be one of this year’s major successes in the gaming market. The launch is planned for May 2021, but it is already possible to pre-book the unit. However, the pre-bookings ended in 8 minutes, which is a strong indicator of what success the unit will achieve during the year.

The device will be compatible with a large amount of games from previous devices, such as Game Boy and Atari Lynx. For that reason, many will dust off their old games and buy the new device to have an even better experience than before.

Analogue Pocket can also be connected to other devices, such as a TV or computer to connect different programs, such as music programs.

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