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Aukey Omnia 65W PD GaN charger: Power and versatility

Gallium Nitride chargers are the single biggest innovation to come to the relatively staid world of charging bricks. The size advantage can’t be overstated. Combined with USB-C, it makes using a single charger for all your devices a very realistic solution.

Aukey is just one of the brands to have dived headfirst into the world of GaN chargers with a wide portfolio of products. In fact, I reviewed the company’s 100W charger recently. However, with charging sockets at a premium, the single port charger wasn’t quite cutting it for me.

Now, I’ve been testing the Aukey Omnia 65W PD GaN charger for the last few weeks. It aims to solve just that problem. How well does it perform? We find out in the Android Authority review of the Aukey Omnia 65W PD GaN charger.

Aukey 65W PD GaN charger: What is it?

Aukey 65W PD GaN Charger side

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

A smaller counterpart to the Aukey 100W PD GaN charger we reviewed recently, the 65W charger takes portability up a notch. It’s even smaller, and better still, addresses one of the only complaints I had with the more powerful charger.

The Aukey Omnia 65W PD GaN charger includes dual USB-C slots.
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This makes for a much more versatile single charger solution that can top up your laptop and phone, or tablet simultaneously.

Aukey 65W PD GaN Charger prongs

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Portability continues to be one of the key benefits here with the folding plugs tucking away for transport. The Aukey 65W PD GaN charger is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and the size advantage can’t be emphasized enough. This is a charger that can easily slip into the pocket of your jeans and power two devices simultaneously. Excellent.

The Aukey Omnia 65W PD GaN charger does a remarkable job of combining portability with versatility.

Aukey ships the 65W PD GaN charger in both white and black colors. I’ve got the matte black variant with me. The charger looks understated, however, the matte black finish has a tendency to pick up scuffs and stains.

How does it perform?

Aukey 65W PD GaN Charger in use

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

The Aukey Omnia 65W is, as you’d have guessed, a 65W charger for USB-C powered devices. However, that’s the total cumulative power you can expect from the two ports.

For example, the power marked for computer input can output a full 65W of charge to power up a 13-inch Macbook Pro at full speed. However, plugging in a secondary device drops that down to 45W. The secondary port then outputs 12 watts to the additional device.

Aukey 65W PD GaN Charger front

Credit: Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

In my testing, I found that even with two devices plugged in, I could slow charge my Macbook Pro with ease unless I was doing performance-intensive work. With just my 13-inch Macbook Pro connected to the charger, it was able to top it from scratch in right about two hours. This was under a normal workload involving writing and light photo editing. This makes the charging speeds right in line with the official Apple 61W charger included in the box with the laptop albeit at a much-reduced size.

The charger adheres to all USB-PD power profiles. This means that when connected to a device like a Nintendo Switch, or a smartphone, it will scale up to the maximum supported charging speed.
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In the case of the OnePlus 7T Pro, this meant ramping up to 18W speeds when used along, and slow charging when using in combination with the Macbook.

An added benefit here is that the Aukey Omnia 65W PD GaN charger barely heats up even when charging two devices.

Should you buy it?

$37 .99

Aukey Omnia 65W PD GaN charger

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The Aukey Omnia 65W PD GaN charger is an excellent buy for anyone hunting for a charger socket for their phone and laptop. The tiny size makes it perfect for carrying to work, to a cafe, or even while traveling.

The charger can comfortably top up a 13″ Macbook Pro and a phone simultaneously while barely occupying any space. That’s the key advantage here. Moreover, priced at $37 (~Rs.2700), the Aukey Omnia 65W PD GaN charger isn’t going to blow your budget either.

Overall, the Omnia 65W gallium nitride charger is the perfect addition to your travel kit and will serve as a high-quality replacement to your laptop charger. Recommended.

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