Avalanche-like increase in attacks on Microsoft Exchange Server


New vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server have caused a massive increase in the number of attacks. It reports the IT security company Check Point.

Businesses around the world have been hit by attacks after four zero-day vulnerabilities were revealed in Microsoft Exchange Server.

According to a report from researchers at the IT security company Check Point Hundreds of attempts have been made to exploit it, and over the weekend the number of attacks, according to the company, has doubled every two to three hours. However, Sweden has been fairly spared from attacks, the most affected individual countries are the United States (21 percent), the Netherlands (12 percent) and Turkey (12 percent).

Can take over the email server

The vulnerabilities put companies at risk of a successful intrusion allowing criminals to read emails from an Exchange server without the need for authentication or access to a person’s email account. With the help of malicious code, it is also possible to take over the e-mail server to spread both malicious code, make mass mailings and open up the network to the internet and access it remotely.

An update has already been released

Microsoft has already released an update that addresses the vulnerabilities, but the main targets of the attacks are companies that have Microsoft Exchange Server connected to the Internet and that have neither updated the software nor are protected by third parties.


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