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Avoid buying hacker-friendly technology with these helpful tips

Today, it is important to be smart when buying technology. There are many different manufacturers and suppliers out there today and therefore you do not want to buy something that only creates a lot of problems in the future. This is especially important if the device is to be connected to the internet, as all devices that connect to the internet are the perfect point for hackers to access sensitive information.
Every hardware you buy must also be integrated with a software.

It does not matter if you run your own business, want to do some online shopping, play on online slots or if you carry out your banking business – if you are going to use the internet on a device, you want to be sure that the device has software that protects you against any threats and risks. Network breaches are more common than you think and happen both at home and at work. For example, a family may buy an Internet-connected baby monitor with a built-in camera, where hackers have managed to connect to the home’s wireless network and spy on the child. There are also cases where hackers can intrude on the office where they gain access to databases and future plans. Hackers take control of the device via the internet and cause problems or hack someone’s operating system.

Security issues are important

If you are going to buy a new device that you are going to connect to the internet, you first need to think about security. If you are adding more devices to the network, this will increase the risk of threats and if you are investing in electronics, think first and foremost about how protected it is. The unit’s innovation should be in second place. This will make you happier in the long run.

Is something wrong with your device? Then it is important that you note this and tell the supplier, if and when, something is wrong. Most suppliers today have safety instructions and reports, which are forwarded or reported when something does not work with the product. When something goes wrong, talk to your manufacturer or supplier and get advice on what can be done, or how you can proceed.

Asking specific questions is also essential. Because we are consumers, it’s us who need to rely on product reviews and store sales when it comes to product information. But once we buy the technology, it is we who will connect it to our network and therefore we as consumers have the right to ask questions. It can be about, for example, software errors, how long does it take before it is solved? What is the time frame for support? What does the supplier’s policy look like regarding problem solutions and do all processes meet the company’s standards and needs?

Keep track of the products

Keeping track of the products is always important. Do you work as self-employed it can take time to do it all yourself and it can feel like a big task to assign a person in the company who routinely checks so that everything you use and that you buy, is actually reported if any security issues arise. Your suppliers should definitely do this for you – but there are also some checkpoints that you should keep in mind yourself.

It can be smart to check out the supplier and see any news. Should you e.g. hire a construction company, you would have checked if they had previously been sued or vice versa. With a little detective work, you can reveal good information about many technology providers. If you are reviewing products from a supplier, make sure you get answers to all your most important questions in writing. If the purchase agreement already comes with a written agreement, make sure that the supplier’s promises of service are included in the contract.

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