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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ has active noise reduction & AptX Adaptive


Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ is the Danish manufacturer’s first genuine, wireless in-ear headphones with active noise reduction. And it shows both the battery life and the price tag.

  • 20 hours battery life and AptX Adaptive
  • Costs about a thousand bucks more than Beoplay E8
  • Released globally on August 19, 2021

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Beoplay EQ has six microphones and AptX Adaptive

Bang & Olufsen already has genuine, wireless in-ear headphones on the market in the form of Beoplay E8.

It is a third generation model with excellent battery life and – if we are to believe the reviews – really good sound quality. But they lack a vital component that competitors have had for a long time, namely active noise reduction.

With Beoplay EQ, Bang & Olufsen is finally taking the step up to the toughest competitors on the market such as AirPods Pro and Galaxy Buds Pro with good battery life (though not excellent) and active noise reduction.

Beoplay EQ boasts a total of six microphones distributed on the two in-ear headphones. Two microphones are completely dedicated to noise reduction and the other four microphones are for speech.

The audio codecs that are supported include AAC and SBC. This means that Beoplay EQ works well with both Apple gadgets and Android phones if you prefer.

Interestingly, support is also included for a newer, more interesting standard which is AptX Adaptive.

It is an audio codec that is built into all Android versions of Android 9.0 “Pie”. The advantage of AptX Adaptive is that the amount of data sent from, for example, the mobile phone to your headphones can change dynamically depending on what you are listening to and after how much signal noise there is in the environment.

You can read more about AptX Adaptive here.

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With charging case, you get a maximum of 20 hours of battery life. Photo: Bang & Olufsen

Up to 20 hours of use with charging case

According to Bang & Olufsen, the battery life is approximately 20 hours with the active noise reduction activated. It is significantly worse than Beoplay E8 which can handle a total of 35 hours without noise reduction. But if you want to block all sound from the outside world, it all has to cost a bit of battery life, we dare say.

Note that this is the total time we enter together with the associated charging case.

If you fully charge the batteries in Beoplay EQ, you get approximately 6.5 hours of use with the noise reduction turned on. Do not want to use the noise reduction? Then you get another hour of use.

To charge the in-ear headphones, use the charging case, which in turn is charged via USB-C or wirelessly via the Qi standard. No weirdness there then.

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Beoplay EQ has a water-resistant design and a higher price

Furthermore, it can be mentioned that Beoplay EQ has a water-resistant design that meets the requirements for IP57.

This means that you get some resistance to moisture and dust, but the headphones are not adapted for wet environments and sports. So use them with caution if you know the rain is accumulating on the horizon.

New technology in Beoplay EQ does not mean completely unexpectedly that the price tag has gone up compared to Beoplay E8.

The recommended approximate price is 399 euros, which is recalculated to approximately 4,000 kronor. It’s a little more than a thousand bucks more than what third generation Beoplay E8 cost at launch.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ will be released globally on August 19, 2021 and can be purchased from Swedish retailers. The headphones are available in black and gold.


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