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Beosound Level – wireless speaker from Bang & Olufsen that will last for decades

Bang & Olufsen has released the new, wireless speaker Beosound Level. A model designed to last for decades thanks to a design that makes it easy to repair and upgrade.

Beosound Level uses a modular design and is claimed to deliver high sound quality while the design must maintain a very high design level. The look itself is slim and with a built-in handle, Beosound Level can both stand on its own and be hung on the wall if you prefer.

Beosound Level FAQ

How much does Beosound Level cost?

Between SEK 12,790 and SEK 15,290 depending on the variant.

Does Beosound Level have a wall mount?

There is no built-in wall bracket. You can buy one for SEK 999 if needed.

How long is the Beosound Level battery life?

Bang & Olufsen says that the speaker can handle up to 16 hours at normal sound level.

What transfer technologies does Beosound Level support?

Google Chromecast, Spotify Connect and Apple AirPlay 2.

Is Beosound Level waterproof / weatherproof?

Yes, the speaker is IP54 rated, which means that there is limited protection against moisture and dust.

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No matter where you set your Beosound Level, the speaker automatically adjusts the sound to where it is in the room. Vertical or horizontal, you choose and let the speaker fix the sound for you. The same applies to where in the room the speaker stands.

Beosound Level has a total of five speaker elements, two of which are woofers of four inches each. In total, this speaker delivers 105 watts with a base of 79 dB and 96 dB in the mid-spectrum.

You can stream your music wirelessly to Beosound Level with Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast. Up to 16 hours, the built-in battery can withstand a normal noise level. And everything is neat and practically protected with dust and wet with IP54 rating.

And so was the price. Beosound Level is hardly the cheapest mobile speaker on the market.

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The basic model in dark gray aluminum has a target price of SEK 12,790. If you want the slightly more exclusive variant with oak and gold paint, you can pay SEK 15,290, which is a price increase of almost 20 percent.

Bang & Olufsen also sells an associated wall bracket that costs just under a thousand kroner.

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