The 5 Best SD Cards (Attractive Guide 2022)

The 5 Best SD Cards (Attractive Guide 2022)

Have you decided that the time has come to buy a new Best SD Cards but you don’t know  which model is right for you ? 

Is this your first time buying an SD card and would you like to know the main features that the product should have?

Don’t worry , in this guide, in addition to selecting the 7 best SD cards currently on the market for you, I will explain  the most important points to take into consideration  when purchasing.

Why buy an SD card?

An SD card allows you to  expand the memory capacity of a device . They are very useful, for example, if you have a device with limited internal memory. By fitting a good performance SD card, you can increase the performance of your device at the same time.

In fact, you will be able to include more files (text documents, audio files, images and videos). Furthermore, a good level SD allows you to  increase the speed both in reading and in transferring any file , guaranteeing you always top performance.

What is the difference between an SD card and a microSD card?

The SD card can be mounted on cameras , camcorders, notebooks and desktop computers . If you want to insert an SD card into your computer (both laptop and desktop) you will most likely also need  an adapter , which usually comes with the SD card. Before the advent of microSD, SD were also used for mobile phones.

The advent of the latest generation of smartphones, however, has actually  opened the doors to microSD

What is the difference between SDHC and SDXC card?

SD cards belonging to the SDHC and SDXC macro categories respectively do not differ only in their memory capacity. In fact,  SDHC uses the FAT32 format as filesystem, while SDXC uses the exFAT format .

One of the limitations of FAT32 is that it cannot handle files larger than 4 GB. The exFAT file system arrived in 2006 as a replacement for FAT32.

To simplify, it could be said that  exFAT is an enhanced FAT32 , which supports files larger than 8GB among other things. Both are supported by almost all devices on the market today.

How to choose an SD card?

• Capacity : the larger the number of GB, the more files that can be stored on the SD card. There are many variants of the same SD on the market based on storage capacity.

Therefore carefully evaluate the additional GBs you need  before completing the purchase. 

Generally, if you work with text documents, Power Point presentations and the like, you will need a standard size memory card with the lowest number of GB available at that time.

If, on the other hand, you want to increase the storage space for your action camera , you will need an SD card with intermediate memory capacity, as  the size of the images takes up more space than simple text documents

For use associated with a video camera, you should turn to an SD card with the largest number of GB possible, as videos – especially those with a resolution in 4K or Full HD – need a significantly higher number of GB to be stored. correctly.

To make your choice easier,  remember that there are three types of SD cards based on capacity: SDSC (from 128 MB to 2 GB), SDHC (from 4 to 32 GB), SDXC (from 64 GB to 2 TB) .

• Class : another fundamental characteristic in choosing an SD card is the evaluation of the  class it belongs toThe lower the value, the lower the performance

Among these, which are the most common, the lower class corresponds to the number 2, which indicates a minimum guaranteed speed of 2 MB at the second. 

If you are a professional, you will need to turn your attention to a different type of SD card, which bears the word  Speed ​​Class, followed by a Roman numeral (I, II) and united by the UHS standard, which guarantees the continuous transfer of data. 

Finally, there is the  Video Speed ​​Class certification, generally indicated on SD cards with the letter V followed by the number corresponding to the minimum writing speed. Cards of this type are only suitable for video recording. 

At the moment,  the best classes available are the V60 and V90 , which are ideal for recording 8K movies at up to 60 and 120 fps. That said, you should know that  the speed indicated across the classes does not always correspond to the actual speed of the SD card you buy

• Compatibility : Another important aspect to consider when purchasing an SD card is compatibility with the chosen device. For example, if you intend to expand the memory capacity of your camera by supporting a removable SD card,  first make sure that the SD is actually compatible with your camera

• Brand : A final factor to note is the  quality of the manufacturer  that sells the SD card. Minimum write speed and capacity are two characteristics common to all SD cards that you can buy online. 

While it is important to carefully evaluate these two parameters, it is equally true  to consider the most authoritative brand for the same price

The major SD card manufacturers you should consider when buying are  SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, and Lexar

Kingston and Samsung make products with excellent value for money, while SanDisk and Lexar have a great reputation among the insiders. 

Furthermore, if you have a Canon or Nikon camera, you can count on high-performance SD cards from both Japanese manufacturers.

Now you will surely know which SD card is right for your needs! So here is the ranking of the  7 best SD cards .

1. Kingston Class 4 16GB

This is a low-end card, with a  storage capacity of 16GB  and a minimum write speed of  4MB per second . One of the main features of Kingston’s entry level SD card is  support for the FAT32 format . It also features high  compatibility with both SDHC and SDXC devices .

2. SanDisk Extreme Class-I U3 16GB

While remaining in the low-end segment of the market, the SanDisk Extreme Class-I U3  has high performance , thanks largely to the speed class. 

3. SanDisk Ultra Class 10 32GB

The SanDisk SD card  belongs to the Ultra family , with a class 10 speed and 32GB storage space. mainly suitable  for those who want to record Full HD videos without interruptions , but without particular demands on the available memory.

4. Sony SD64U UHS-I 64GB

Belonging to the SDXC family   due to its 64 GB capacity, the SD card from the Japanese company Sony offers an  important minimum write speed  (UHS-I, corresponding to class 10). Recommended for videos  with a maximum resolution of Full HD.

5. Kingston SD A3 64GB

Kingston’s SD card offers an intermediate solution with 64 GB of storage space and a speed class corresponding to  the UHS-I U3 standard , i.e. 30 MB per second. Kingston’s A3 SD is ideal for mid to high-end SLR cameras and camcorders  capable of recording 4K resolution movies.

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