Influence Marketing Decisions in the Future

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 Influence Marketing Decisions in the Future

While the term “artificial(Buy Facebook followers) intelligence” (or AI) has been around for decades. Recent discussions about “cognitive learning.”

“Cognitive computing,” and “cognitive algorithm” have brought out the impact AI has on everyday life.

AI is one topic that can cause contradictory emotions. We are intrigued by the idea.

We are excited about all AI’s possibilities for us, as it touches so many lives.

There is also fear. The movie industry played an essential role in educating AI.

Creating terrifying images of artificial intelligence in the public’s minds.

Think movies like “Artificial Intelligence” starring Jude Law.

“Terminator” with Arnold, “Her” with the not-at-all-robotic voice from Scarlett Johansson. “Ex Machina,” and you know what? I mean!


Everyone has been wondering if AI will take over the world, replace humans and even kill us.

Will it outperform human intelligence? Or will it cause massive job losses?

Artificial intelligence touches many sectors, and digital marketing is just one example.

This blog post will address the fears and hopes of every marketer about artificial intelligence.

How it will impact our marketing decisions shortly.

David Berkowitz shared results from a survey among more than 200 marketing professionals about artificial intelligence.

Marketing in a recent talk he gave at the IAB Conecta 2017 conference.

The survey asked whether managers of advertising agencies would be replaced with robots.

Only 3.9% thought this job could be automated.

However, 17.5% of respondents believed that the public relations specialist’s responsibilities could be automated.

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic. New algorithms are needed to process the vast amount of data available.

Let’s now look deeper into the impact of AI on marketers. Here are some questions.

Are marketers able to understand AI? Only 46% of marketers seem to be able to comprehend it.

Are marketers utilizing AI to its full potential? Only 36% of them are.

Why should marketers invest in AI?

Two of the top answers stated that marketers would like to use AI to improve productivity and efficiency.

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This was strange because there weren’t any results related to marketing or sales in the top responses.

The scale was not as significant for increasing sales.

It raises the question: What should be the primary concern of a marketer? A marketer should be able to increase sales as the main reason they invest in AI.

Marketers care more about efficiency, productivity, and innovation than sales.

Which areas would you like AI to be used in your company?

The top answer was “Customer service/CRM.” Which is more closely related to sales. Top-rated was also “Competitive Intelligence.”

According to marketers surveyed, AI will eventually embed itself in an organization.

This will bring many benefits. Analysis, planning, strategy, and research are the most important benefits.

Media planning and buying are two other areas that have been mentioned.

What time will it take for AI to impact its marketing activities significantly?

This question was answered by 22% of the markets.

With 19% saying two years and 18% believing that AI will impact marketing within three years.

A significant finding was that 61% of marketers surveyed believed AI would replace specific roles.

AI is not just threatening to replace marketers.

What can marketers do to prepare?

It is a great idea to reminisce about. When chess players were considered rock stars before you faced this challenge.

Deep Blue, a computer program that could play chess, was a threat.

The human race must be challenged to reach new heights.

Deep Blue did not win over the humans but also created better chess players.

There are now more grandmasters than there were in the days when Deep Blue beat Kasparov.

There will be many marketing jobs that AI replaces. However, there will also be many other new roles. Just as AI has created many of these jobs.

Each marketer can choose whether they want to be replaced or elected for these new roles.

Specific jobs are more susceptible to automation than others.

It will be highly sought-after to learn how to program, configure, operate, interpret, and manage AI platforms.

However, this skill has a cost: you have to get out of your comfort zone and learn new technologies to take advantage of these opportunities.

In the coming years, technology will enhance what marketers can do. Marketers should embrace these technologies,

Learn about them if they wish to stay competitive and help brands become more competitive.


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