Best types of printing techniques used for invite boxes

You can design and present your invitation boxes with unlimited printing styles and techniques. It may seem overwhelming exhausting at first look when you want to decide about the printing technique or style to look different from your competitors.

There is numerous decision required to make when starting with designing invite boxes. whether to select lithographic or digital printing with different color combinations or no color at all. The decision about the printing technique and printing style has a huge impact on the overall printing quality of your invitation boxes.

To make the right choices about deciding about printing styles and techniques that will be best for your invite boxes, you need complete information about each printing style. Once equipped with the right information with regards to all the pros and cons and situations where these printing techniques are effective, you are ready to use them for your candles boxes.

Digital printing

Digital printing is the latest printing technique in which the design is directly printed on the final material that needs the design.

This technique is quick to check your results on the final material and doesn’t require any pre-setup materials or time to set up any machines. This technique is good for trial and testing your new designs on final material before finalizing the desired print to be sent to the production area.

There are a few drawbacks of this printing style like mismatch or absorption of printing ink and making a dull impact on final print but as the printing industry is improving day by day this drawback and many other small issues like these will be resolved in the future.

Lithographic printing

Lithographic or offset printing is quite a common old printing technique that required special setup time before getting the final production ready for your invitation boxes.

Under this technique, plates are prepared for your final design in aluminum material and once the final plates are ready then these plates are placed in printing machines to get production at desired large quantities for candles boxes.

Ink is placed only at desired places of these plates first then these inks are transferred to the final material with a design printed on the final material.

This is another cheap printing method to print in huge quantities and is effective in those situations where you are not required to change your designs for relatively large packaging jobs.

Silkscreen printing

It is another common printing technique where ink is pushed through a special kind of woven or mirrors to the final material where printing is desired.

Areas of these screens are created with a certain kind of woven material that does not allow ink to transfer to the final material or mirror screens are created with certain elements that block ink to transfer to the final material.

Though with this technique ink is only transferred to those areas where your design or print is required on the final material.

Time to set up this style of printing is low with few materials and items and a very cost-effective technique but only for a small volume of production of candles boxes. Printing time is also quite slow and requires a lot of time to get the printing job complete.

You should be careful enough while accessing the time available for delivery of invite boxes to your clients before choosing this technique or otherwise you may lose your customers.

Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing is the most common printing technique that is used for making invitation boxes, especially where invitation boxes are required to be printed in one to two colors.

Multiple plates of different colors are rolled over rolling machines and instructions are fed in the system by using that these rolling machines print accordingly.

This kind of printing technique is highly cost-effective as once the plates are ready and transferred to machines, then you can print a large quantity of printing content without changing the plates.

Text-based jobs or other simple common jobs are performed using this technique of printing but there are situations where it is not recommended. Common situations that require different printing technique is when you are designing a logo or testing new ideas as in those situations you need a different plate every time there is any change in design.  

Other common printing techniques

Apart from common printing techniques discussed above for invitation boxes, there are many other printing styles and techniques that can be used for printing of invite boxes like;

• 3D Printing

• Letterpress printing

Thermography printing

• Wood-lock or wood-cut printing

• Inkjet printing

Engraving Printing

• Laser printing

• Etching or

Foil Printing

All these printing styles have their pros and cons and are effective for different situations and information and experience for them required before using these techniques for the printing of invitation boxes.

Innovative printing designs and content for your invitation boxes

Apart from thinking and deciding about the printing techniques and styles that you choose for the printing of invitation boxes to look different from your competitors. What type of innovative designs and content you want to print using these techniques is also critical.

Design and content are almost always defined and decided based on the event or occasion for which you are creating invite boxes. now if this is already decided and defined by the event, then you may think that what you can do?

Well, how you present the innovative design and content and use these available techniques is in your hand. This is a crucial factor to present your candles boxes differently from your competitors.

Unlimited printing techniques and printing fonts are available along with finishing styles but what looks right as per the situation is completely depends on your experience.


Different printing techniques and styles have different results and are favored for different situations and needs. You have gathered the required information that is necessary for decision-making. Now, with the help of all the factors and features presented, you are ready to dive into printing for your invitation boxes. 

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