Biden to the White House through an organized shadow campaign

Biden to the White House through an organized shadow campaign

The recent US presidential election, along with the 2016 election, was probably the dirtiest and most dramatic ever and was shaken by reports of corruption, manipulation and electoral fraud. The high-profile globalist magazine Time now describes in detail how a coalition of big capitalists and left-wing activists took Joe Biden to the White House using shady methods both before and after the presidential election.

When Donald Trump after the election election accused Joe Biden of having won with the help of election fraud and manipulation, the American big companies instead began to turn against him and demand that he admit defeat.

This is despite the fact that many states were not counted and there was a lot of uncertainty about the election, states Time.

– It was very strange. Just days after the election, we witnessed an orchestrated campaign to nominate the winner despite several states counting, Trump himself has stated in retrospect.

Time now gives Trump the right in that there was an organized conspiracy in which big capitalists and business leaders, together with left-wing activists and other lobbyists, worked in unison in an unholy alliance to oust the incumbent president.

The magazine describes how a loosely organized coalition consisting of people with different political and ideological positions for more than a year worked actively to influence the election – not only to get rid of Trump but also to ensure that the election result could not be questioned.

Their work touched on every part of the election. They persuaded states to change their voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private donations. They challenged lawsuits over election fraud, recruited armies of election workers, and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time in their lives. They pressured social media companies to crack down on misinformation and use computer-driven strategies to combat viral littering attempts”.

The newspaper further writes how the group, which politically included both Democrats and Republicans, orchestrated propaganda campaigns in order to make the public aware that it would take days or weeks before the election result became clear and also did everything in its power to invalidate the contested election results.

Mike Podhorzer, president of the country’s largest union of unions, was already convinced in 2019 that the election would be a disaster and he felt a crying need to “protect it”, as Time describes it. For almost 25 years, he himself had worked to develop tactics for how elections should be won and to develop models for successful political campaigns.
Convinced that Donald Trump would not admit defeat, he started a “resistance coalition” with like-minded left-liberal activists at the local and national level to plan around various election-related scenarios under the name Democracy Defense Coalition.

He spent months thinking about different scenarios and talking to experts. It was not difficult to find liberals who saw Trump as a dangerous dictator“, Writes the newspaper and claims in an Orwellian manner that Podhorzer wanted to do it to” keep American democracy alive “.

Read more at, Time: Organized shadow campaign brought Biden to the White House

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