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Black bar stool or white bar stool, which one suits your home?

Black bar stool or white bar stool, which one suits your home?

You have finally found the stool you’re going to add to your kitchen, now it’s time to select your metal frame color, seat color, as well as possibly a wood color, of the stool. If you are thinking that it’s too difficult to select the best colors for your stool, don’t ne because we are here to tell you it’s pretty simple!

Firstly, you have to ask some questions to make the things easier and more visible.

What color will stand out?

You have all the colors in your kitchen ask yourself that what colors will stand out? Take a look of the kitchen. You may see that the designer decided to take the colors in the chalkboard as well as oven fixtures bring them into the metal frame on the stool. It would be best to contrast against the off-white or sandy colors in the countertop. Along with this, you can also notice that how the colors in the kitchen form a triangle shape to the eye. The dark charcoal at various angles of the room gives a sense of balance. Get help from La Maison furniture store for better understanding.

However, if the designer makes the metal frame white, there will be not much contrast. The stools will blend into the countertop, and the space would feel drab.  Now the question arises, which colors stick out and what colors don’t? Keep these in consideration in order to create contrast with your stools. You can also notice the green seat color on the stools with the green wall in the kitchen. Although they are opposite sides, but complement each in the room. It would be best to read more regarding the color scheme of walls and other furniture in your kitchen.

Contrasting with patterns and shades

You can get knowledge for the kitchen that does a great job of balance as well as contrast without using much color. Monochromatic kitchen is another best choice for you. The reason is that, this type of kitchen significantly uses one color with various shades, patterns and textures in order to create contrast.  This kitchen will indicate the same shades of grays, darker and lighter. The base and cabinets will be an off-white creating contrast.

You have notice that how the legs on the stool comes with contrast to the base in the countertop. It will make the stools stand out in a monochromatic kitchen. Along with this, patterns are mixed, but small, subdued patterns work with large patterns on window treatments. On the other hand, you can also add Alternatively, you can add strips on the curtains with and have your barstools.

However, it is not recommended to use a large pattern on a window against a stool seat. For example, large stripes on a window and large stripes on a stool seat can be from the same fabric pattern. That means, you can design everything in the same tones, but little pops of color can be trouble. Either, it be a red bowl or a frame. It’s a way to change the color if you get tired of it without spending money for looking fresh.

What about wood in the kitchen?

If there are wood accents in the kitchen, the same rules can be applied. It would be best to use all one color on the stool as well as a two-toned combination. Furthermore, the same principle is also applied as in choosing padded seats.

If there is metal on the frame, similar in color to counter top, it’s not a problem. The reason is, the backrest is not higher rather than the countertop. In this way, the stool doesn’t get lost. Get your kitchen look like the fabric on the stools doesn’t match the colors of the counter. However, it can contrast with the brown tones of your kitchen. If there is need to lighten a dark kitchen, it is suggested to use a lighter color on the stools. 

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