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Black Screen of Death – replaces BSOD in Windows 11

With Windows 11, the much talked about and hated Blue Screen of Death error box disappears. Or, rather, it changes color – from blue to black.

  • Renames to Black Screen of Death
  • Contains the same information as the “old” error screen
  • Displays QR code that you can scan with your mobile phone

This is the Black Screen of Death

Black Screen of Death – or Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10 – is sometimes referred to as BSOD or blue screen. It is a screen that appears when a critical error has occurred in Windows so that the operating system crashes beyond rescue.

When BSOD is displayed, the computer must be restarted and the operating system reloaded. You cannot experience a BSOD and continue using Windows without restarting your computer.

Blue screen of death is an indication of a serious computer error. Normally it is about drivers that have stopped working or that the hardware is broken, for example RAM that is broken.

The Blue Screen of Death is ominous – but very important

BSOD is among the worst you can experience in Windows. But at the same time also one of the best when you want to know what is wrong with your computer.

Each error message contains an error code that helps you understand what crashed. This makes it easier to understand why the crash occurred and what to look for to resolve the issue.

Blue Screen of Death was introduced with Windows 3.0 as an aid for computer technicians when troubleshooting computers.

Today, you can use the error message yourself to search the internet and find information about any error codes.

Examples of error codes in the Blue Screen of Death


Also referred to as 0x00000009 and is an indication that the computer is having problems with the graphics card. Normally these are drivers that are not working properly or that the hardware is broken.


Also referred to as 0x0000000B and is an indication that an error has occurred in the Windows registry. The problem can normally be solved with the help of tools that scan and fix errors in the registry.


Also referred to as 0x0000001A and is an indication of broken RAM in the computer. Can also indicate problems with the graphics card. Run a memory check tool (for example memtest86).


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