Blizzard confirms Rogue to Diablo 4

Blizzard confirms Rogue to Diablo 4

Diablo 4 seems to take at least another year but getting a little more information about the game does not hurt, now a new class has been confirmed.

Now we have found out that we have a new class to look forward to in Diablo 4, Rogue which is a hybrid class that can both take their battles at a distance but also melee battles. Rogue looks to be able to become a class that will have many combinations.

Rogue is for those who do not know a new class but have been playable in the first Diablo and it is also where much of the inspiration has come to the Diablo 4 variant, should be interesting and see if Diablo 4 can really be a fresh start and not a disappointment like Diablo 3 where.

In the clip above, we get a much better review of the Rouge class and that we get to see what the class actually goes for, clearly interesting.

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