Blurred news menu in Windows 10 – Microsoft is working on a solution


Microsoft confirms that some users feel that the Windows 10 news menu is blurred or unclear.

  • Difficult to read the text in the new widget for news and weather
  • Microsoft is aware of this issue
  • Working on a solution

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What’s the problem with the news menu?

Several users report that Microsoft’s latest news reporting widget with weather directly in the taskbar is malfunctioning.
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More specifically, the news menu is perceived as blurred or unclear, which makes it because parts of the graphics are not readable.

What does Microsoft say?

According to Microsoft, they have confirmed that there is a problem.
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They are working on a solution, but it is unclear when an update can be released.

In any case, we know that a bug fix IS under development and underway.

After installing KB5001391 or later updates, the news and interests button in the Windows taskbar may have blurry text on certain display configurations.
Next steps: We are working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming version.

What is causing the problem with the news menu?

According to Microsoft, there is an error in the update KB5001391. The update was released on April 28, 2021.

The main news in KB5001391 is the news and weather widget which is now problematic in the taskbar.

In addition to the widget, KB5001391 introduces a bug fix for empty tiles in the start menu and makes it possible to change the time before an unused VR headset goes down in energy-saving mode in Windows Mixed Reality.

Read more about the update here.

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