Bobslot or Bobs Lot: Are They a Scam?

Bobslot or Bobs Lot: Are They a Scam?

If you’re looking for a new car, you may have come across Bobslot or Bobs Lot. But are they a scam?

Here’s what you need to know about Bobslot or Bobs Lot. They are a used car dealership that has been in business for over 10 years. They have a good reputation and offer a great selection of cars.

However, there are some things you should be aware of before you buy from them. First, they don’t offer financing. So if you’re looking to finance your car, you’ll need to go elsewhere. Second, they don’t take trade-ins. So if you’re looking to trade in your old car, you’ll need to go elsewhere as well.

Overall, Bobslot or Bobs Lot is a reputable dealership with a great selection of cars.

what is Bobslot/Bobs Lot?

Bobslot is an online retailer that specializes in selling a variety of Bobs Lot products. The company was founded in 2014 by Bob D’Angelo, who saw an opportunity to provide people with an easy way to purchase and ship items from the comfort of their homes.

The website offers a wide range of products, including clothing, accessories, home décor, and more. Bobslot also provides customers with a variety of shipping options, so they can choose the most convenient option for them.

The company’s mission is to provide customers with the best possible shopping experience, whether they’re looking for something specific or just browsing the website. Bobslot strives to offer competitive prices and excellent customer service, so shoppers can always be sure they’re getting the best deal possible.

How does it work?

Most people have heard of Bobslot or Bobs Lot, but they may not know how it works. Here’s a quick overview:

When you sign up for Bobslot, you’re given a unique link to share with your friends. For every person that signs up using your link, you’ll earn $10 in credit. You can then use that credit to get discounts on future bookings.

It’s a simple way to save money on your next vacation, and it’s completely free to join! So why not give it a try?

Is Bobslot/Bobs Lot a scam?

Yes, Bobslot and Bobs Lot are both scams. They are operated by the same person, and they use the same methods to trick people into giving them money.

Bobslot and Bobs Lot work by promising people free stuff if they sign up for their service. However, once people sign up, they are asked to pay for the “free” stuff. This is how the scam works – by getting people to sign up for something that they think is free, but then asking for money once they’re already committed.

There have been many reports of people being scammed by Bobslot and Bobs Lot. If you’re considering signing up for either of these services, be warned that you will most likely end up losing your money.

What do people say about Bobslot/Bobs Lot?

When it comes to Bobslot or Bobs Lot, people have a lot to say. Some love it and some hate it, but most people seem to think it’s just okay.

The biggest complaint about Bobslot or Bobs Lot is the prices. People feel like they are way too high for what you get. The quality of the clothing is also not the greatest, which contributes to the high prices being seen as unfair.

Another issue people have with Bobslot or Bobs Lot is the customer service. It can be very hit or miss, with some employees being very helpful and others being completely uninterested in helping customers. This can make shopping at Bobslot or Bobs Lot a frustrating experience.

Overall, people seem to think that Bobslot or Bobs Lot is just an average store.


After months of Bobslot’s financial struggles, the company has finally come to a conclusion. The board of directors has decided to sell the company to a private equity firm. This will allow Bobslot to continue operating as a going concern and avoid any potential bankruptcy proceedings.

The sale of the company is not without its challenges, however. The new owners will likely want to make changes to the business in order to improve its profitability. This could mean layoffs, changes to the product line, or even closing some of the company’s locations.

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