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Bug in iOS 14.7 makes it for Watch users

Bug in iOS 14.7 makes it for Watch users


If you have an iPhone that has been updated to iOS 14.7 and at the same time uses an Apple Watch, you may have noticed that it is a problem with the unlocking of the smartwatch. The reason is a bug in the new iOS version.

  • Apple: Use passcode instead
  • Buggfix comes with the next update
  • Many affected

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Apple is aware of the bug in iOS 14.7

A bug in the update to iOS 14.7 means that the built-in fingerprint reader in some iPhone models cannot be used to unlock the Apple Watch.

It wasn’t long after Apple released iOS 14.7 before users around the world complained about the cumbersome unlocking of the Apple Watch.

Touch ID has reportedly stopped working with the Apple Watch. An issue that Apple has already confirmed and promised a solution with an upcoming iOS update.

A bug fix with iOS 14.7.1 is likely to come in the coming weeks. Hopefully, Apple can solve the problem faster than that with a so-called hotfix.

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Apple Advice: Use your passcode

Instead of unlocking with the fingerprint reader, affected users must use their Apple Watch password instead.

This is what Apple says, which also says that those who have forgotten their password must factory reset their Watch in order to make a new password.

However, business users do not get away with it as easily as they may need to contact their MDM administrator for a solution. Read more about it here.


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