Camera enhancements for Galaxy S20 FE with new software

Samsung has updated the software to the Galaxy S20 FE. The new version is called G781BXXU2CUC6 and it is rolling out in several European markets right now.

Among the news, we find camera enhancements that were first introduced with the Galaxy S21 series. They improve on previous improvements that came with One UI 3.1 earlier in 2021.


The camera enhancements that the Galaxy S20 FE gets with the new update include new effects in portrait mode and support for using the ultra-wide angle in Pro mode.

With that said, the Galaxy S21 series retains the best gold nuggets. Like you can’t take portrait photos in really bad lighting conditions, and the Directors View mode is not available with the Galaxy S20 FE.

You can also not select the longest exposure times in night mode.

Note that the G781BXXU2CUC6 is initially only available for the 5G variant of the Galaxy S20 FE. If you have that variant, you can already today, or at least soon, update your phone. If you have a Galaxy S20 FE 4G, however, you will have to wait a while longer.


In addition to our Nordic countries, the G781BXXU2CUC6 is ready for users in Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain and a number of other countries.

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