Can You Play ELDEN RING Offline – Enemies’ Invasion and Summoning Friends


If you are a gaming enthusiast but new to Elden Ring, then you might ask can you play Elden ring offline. Right?

Well, since the game can be played in both modes i.e., online and offline, the answer to your question is “yes.” But it is also essential to know which mode gives better user experience. In this article, you will get to know about everything you need to know about the Elden ring, so make sure you read word by word and don’t miss any important information.


Now that the answer to the question “can you play Elden Ring offline” , the next step is to know the differences between both modes. Well, summons and invasions are the prime features that come into play when you choose offline mode.

When online, this game is significantly similar to dark soul games and players can summon allied players or NPCs to air them in battling bosses and on the journey. Furthermore, if they do this, this would mean that they are allowing other players as well to invade them.

Remember that invaders are antagonistic and allied with enemy units on the map controlled by AI. In case when a player is being invaded by other members of the game, they can ask for extra help and summon them from blue phantoms just like Blades of the Dark Moon whose purpose of existence is fighting against invaders. 

Now as you can see, this game is becoming more like a 3 on 1 game where three players can unite and fight against one player that could be either a strong player or a weaker one. 

Despite the imbalance of players, invaders need to know whether summoners are killed to become the winner. The story doesn’t end here because invaders will also be declared winners if a regular monster delivers the killing blow or in case when a summoner falls and dies as a result of the fall.

What makes Elden Ring more interesting is the philosophy mentioned above because there will be a continuous and prolonged battle between players because as things progress, the attacker is seen slowly pulling the summoner away. And this idea of tackling the game alone could attract more players towards itself.


As mentioned in the beginning of the blog, the answer to can you play Elden Ring offline is yes, because Elden Ring can be played in both modes that also includes offline mode where players gets the touch old-fashioned games; moreover, you can neither connect with your friends in offline mode nor get access to other features that are only available for online mode players.

If you decide to play it offline, all you need to do is disconnect your Xbox and PS from the internet by simply going to the menu and following the required steps.

In the case of a personal computer, you can launch steam while playing it in offline mode. Additionally, this will stop you from summoning other players and at the same time protect you from invaders as they won’t be able to invade through MPC invasion will still occur in certain areas.


While Elden Rings is one of the most liked games in 2022 that allows gamers to play it online as well as offline you should now know the answer to “can you play Elden Ring offline”. Most of the Dark Souls games are known for having built-in multiplayer mode options that are entertaining but confusing at the same time too. At times to be playing in collaboration with other players; whereas, other times a player could be brought from nowhere to kill you and you will be trying to survive for completing the game.

Luckily, players who want to experience PvE with Elden Ring can opt for an offline option. In this way other players will not be introduced to your world irrespective of the reason that could be either help or attack.

But if you are the kind of a person who wants to experience the thrill of letting other players invade your base and also summon other players for your help then you can go for the PvP option i.e., online mode. Moreover, you can fight other players as well in online mode if you desire to progress through the world.

So it’s totally up to the player to choose either they want to play online where other player can invade in your world as well as summon friends for help or they want to play offline where other players are forbidden from attacking his world as well as summon friends for help, Elden Ring has both the options for you.


Basically it’s an action game based on role-play played in 3rd person perspective. The game focuses on exploration and combat having most of its major features similar to other games designed by Form Software.

In Elden Ring players are set free to discover lands among the main six areas of the game and the locations or areas are castles, catacombs, and caves. Players can explore or discover these areas using torrent, mount, and the ability of fast travel to explore these areas.

Throughout the game players face NPCs and similar enemies including demigods who are the rulers of the areas and are the bosses in the game.


The game begins in a land between after the obliteration of the Elden Ring that happened in an event known as Shattering. The realm that was once bestowed by the ring is now ruled by demigods’ reproduction of Queen “Marika.” Who was once a disabled ruler of the lands.

Moreover, each demigod has a shared piece of the ring that gives them corrupted power. Players need to transverse that realm so that they can become the Elden Ring.


Can you play Elden Ring offline- yes players can play the game offline however, they won’t be able to either summon allies or allow others to attack their land which adds more fun to the game’s experience. On the other hand players who play it online can summon friends as well as get attacked by other players and that has attacked a large number of players not to mention other great user experiences such as graphics.

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