Unorthodox Advertising Channels for Cell Phone Repair Shops

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Who is Your Audience?

The good thing about having a repair shop (think it is your first business), is that almost everyone with a heartbeat is our customer. For details, you can check your mobile phone repair software for general demographics.

What is the Best Marketing Station for mobile repair shops?

During your business years (not just in the electronics repair industry), you will explore many different ways of printing and digital marketing. We know you’re here for a simple answer … which one works best? Are you ready? Everything! Not just to be able to take your hard-earned money regularly and make a name for yourself on other flyers. But, consistency in the fact that your potential customers will always see, see and remember the name of your cell phone repair shop. Always put your name there, and change the way you reach different people. You can start automated marketing with mobile phone repair software and announce offers and discounts. Sometimes advertising is not about paid sales. Sometimes you advertise yourself, with community participation, active on social media, and so on.

Tips & Tricks

Become a walking brand

Be social, because In your Facebook group community, a combination of common advertising, and the reputation of the voice “bought” a lot of quick recommendations whenever there was a post “Where should I fix my iPad” to people. You will find that there will be an immediate recommendation for my repair shop for at least the last 3-4 customers. It is not uncommon for someone to write about a rival. We will not tell you who is in charge of the competition. They have no names or personal contact with the community. However, if you advertise yourself well, your name will be there. By doing this most of your customers will know who you are!

Introduce yourself

If there is a recommendation in a group, you should make sure you like/thank each one, and send your introduction to a potential new customer about your business, as well as a link to your simple login process on your website.

Know your demographic

Almost every advertising option you choose will attract a different kind of person. Media and radio platform ads on popular channels will bring awareness to the youth market. Newspaper ads and email flyers will be saved for adults.

Billboards and word of mouth (join your local Chamber of Commerce and get the network!) Will bring awareness to everyone.

Do not be ashamed to spend money or negotiate

Spend what you can, where you can. Discuss the deals. Advertisers are always trying to fill quotes. Call your local newspaper, meet with a retailer, and let them know that your cell phone repair shop is budget-friendly and would like to be called if it can open or cancel at the last minute. You are a customer, and you have power. They may call you soon enough to offer better prices or a real last-minute deal.

Set aside an advertising budget for rainy days

Another important tip… if things are going slow, advertise, advertise, advertise. We know it’s hard, but set aside marketing funds. Set up a separate “rainy day” bank account if needed, and use that money to advertise when times go by. There’s all sorts of good news out there about companies that have survived a slowdown or slower times by investing more in advertising rather than reducing spending.

How to do Advertising?

Now that you know what to do, how to do it?

Consistency can do wonders – Ask yourself… Which seller in your area do you know by name? I bet you know exactly what they look like too. They usually have a very good advertising budget that we may not be able to match. But think of it. You see yourself everywhere, you hear them everywhere, and you know exactly who I am talking about. That’s a consensus.

Keep an eye on your competitors – Check out your local competition. What does their website look like? Where do you see them advertising? How is their brand? Do they use mobile phone repair software to advertise?

It is important that your appearance and your brand are different so that customers do not make mistakes.

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