Checkins for events and contact lists should come

Corona warning app still needs to be adjusted

The Corona-Warn-App can soon also be used to register at events, so that, for example, anonymous warnings could be sent out in the event of infections after attending a larger event. For the future, it is also conceivable to register on a contact list with personal details. With these new planned functions, the official federal app competes with the currently very popular but also controversial Luca app.

The Corona warning app is to receive additional functions. The developers of the RKI application from Deutsche Telekom and SAP last saw the functionality of a new feature on the Github portal outlined, where the Corona-Warn-App is available for download. This new function allows anonymous registration at larger events.

All the app user has to do is scan a QR code. The code is generated in advance by the organizers. If a visitor tests positive for Covid-19 afterwards and enters his result in the app, all other registered participants of the event are automatically warned.

Each user remains anonymous, names or other personal data are not provided and the information about the visit to the event is only stored locally on the devices of the participants.
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Full check-in function could also come

At the same time, users may also be able to count on a full check function in the future, which would transmit the personal data about their visit to a restaurant or hotel directly to the responsible health department. The advantage here would be that the personal data would not be lying around on contact lists that are often inadequately or not at all secured and accessible to the public.
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With a function like the one that the developers are already planning, but the implementation of which has not yet been decided, the app would offer a range of functions similar to the Luca app that we have presented here. It is currently being used in many places to track contacts, but it is not undisputed.

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