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Before choosing a Digital Inkjet Printer by Colorjet, you should first read about the differences between the NEPTUNE PLUS and VASTRAJET, and the Thermojet. These printers have similar features and can print wide formats on various media, such as textiles and signage. Industrial inkjet printers are also used in biomedical applications and printing conductive circuitry. Leading hardware innovators include Konica Minolta, FujiFilt, Roland, and Mimaki.


Colorjet is a leader in wide format digital inkjet print technology in the Indian subcontinent. The company has built its reputation on its commitment to technological innovation, comprehensive service infrastructure, and complete customer focus. Colorjet printers can be found in many different settings including commercial printing, outdoor billboards, and building graphics. Indoor displays include point-of-sales (POS) displays and backlit displays.

The FLAGJET is a 1.8 metre direct-to-fabric sublimation printer designed for flag and cloth banner printing. It uses Oeko-Tex approved, environment-friendly aqueous inks. The company has also developed an in-house manufacturing capability. The company’s 3.2-metre UV Roll-to-Roll Machine and UV Flatbed machine are also on display.

Unlike conventional inkjet technology, the Thermojet uses a unique method to dispense ink. The nozzle has a tubular shape and a single, acoustical wave drop generator that can disperse ink in a narrow range. The inkjet technology is also becoming popular in the emerging field of ink jet material deposition, where piezoelectric crystals are used in the printheads.

While continuous inkjet is not as efficient as drop-on-demand technology, the advantages of CIJ over other methods are considerable. In contrast, OEM inks undergo extensive testing in order to ensure system reliability, print-head materials, and cartridge durability. In addition, inkjet manufacturers often fit chips to their cartridges so that refilling is impossible. This allows for quick drying and improved quality.

Inkjet printers often use dye-based inks. These are not as durable as pigment-based inks, but they are more resistant to water and other media. Pigment-based inks are the best for long-lasting prints, and black ink is most often pigment-based. Moreover, inkjet printers are able to produce better-quality prints than laser-based machines.

The Colorjet IRISJET PRO is a low-cost solvent printer that is perfect for the signage industry. This printer redefines print speed and delivers superb-quality printing at 1232 square feet per hour. The printer can handle various media sizes. Smart Make in India engineering ensures faster delivery and super-saving op-ex with heavy-duty industrial print heads. Using color-jet printers is a great way to cut costs, as it produces high-quality, photo-quality prints.


The NEPTUNE PLUS Digital Inkjet Printing Machine from Colorjet uses the same drop-on-demand piezoelectric inkjet technology to produce quality prints. It has up to eight print heads and four colors. Its maximum printing width is 3200 mm and is compatible with both inks and solvents. NEPTUNE PLUS delivers high-end performance, a wide print area, and a low price, making it an attractive option for anyone wanting a quality print with a fast output.

The Neptune Plus is a great machine for large-volume solvent printing. Its four print heads offer outstanding quality at short observation distances. Its professional collecting system protects the printhead during high-speed printing. Its dual-ink tank system enables you to print in RGB or CMYK colors. You can choose a high-speed USB connection to connect the printer to a computer.

The NEPTUNE PLUS Digital Inkjet Printing Machine offers outstanding print quality and a host of other features. It can print in CMYK or RGB color modes and has a three-stage adjustable media heater. This is an ideal machine for businesses that print on vinyl, flex, and more. Unlike some other models, it offers a competitive price and a variety of options.

Besides being a great choice for commercial printing, the Neptune Plus is an ideal signage machine for outdoor advertising in India. It prints on billboards, hoardings, floor stands, and glow signs. It can even create one-way-vision signs. A great sign for your vehicle is guaranteed to attract attention and generate business. There are no limits to the Neptune Plus.

The Neptune Plus is an excellent choice for businesses that are interested in high-volume production. This machine features four print heads for better quality print quality and a vacuum bed for less damage to paper. This machine is ideal for outdoor advertising and flex printing. Its four print heads and neoprene-based bed are great for large-scale production. When considering which color printer is best for your business, it is important to consider the number of jobs you will need it to complete.


The VASTRAJET Digital Inkjet Printer is a high-speed direct-to-fabric digital inkjet printer that prints on both synthetic and natural fabrics. Using Colorjet’s 3E design philosophy, this printer provides maximum capabilities and applications. This machine is a leap forward in technology and produces high-quality output. You can get an excellent printout, regardless of the size of your order, from the VASTRAJET.

The Vastrajet 8164 is one of the most innovative textile printers available today, with 16 print heads. ColorJet will show the Vastrajet(r) 8164 at ITMA Barcelona, where it will demonstrate its high-speed direct-to-fabric printer technology. With its excellent print accuracy and versatility, this machine is a commercial winner. ColorJet India Ltd. is one of the top three digital printer manufacturers in India and boasts of a 34% market share in the industry.

The VastraJet K2 is one of Colorjet’s premium textile printers, with a productivity of 5000 square meters per day. It features 32 print heads by Konica Minolta and advanced ColorJet technologies including Kiloton, Purge, and Osci Plus. The VastraJet K2 is perfect for leading textile groups, fabric processing mills, and apparel manufacturers looking to keep up with the fast-fashion trend. Its high-quality output is also energy-efficient, making it an ideal choice for textile production.

The Vastrajet Digital Inkjet Printer by Colorjet is designed for industrial textile printing. Its large-size working width makes it easy to integrate with existing process houses. The printer produces brilliant-quality prints using water-based inks, which are compatible with a variety of fabrics. It has an industrial-grade jetting assembly, and features an adhesive belt with an automatic washing system. It is compatible with textiles up to 180 cms wide.

ColorJet METRO

If you’re looking for an industrial-grade digital inkjet printer for small-scale production, the METRO is the perfect solution. With numerous configuration options and an ability to handle a range of materials, the METRO is extremely flexible and versatile. Printing on anything from thin fabrics to thick, woven fabrics, the METRO can handle all your digital printing needs, including variable data. It’s also capable of producing high-quality labels.

The METRO digital inkjet printer from ColorJet Group is an excellent choice for those in the textile industry. It features sixteen printheads for exceptional printing quality, and it is capable of printing over 200 square meters per hour. It has received positive response from textile fabric process houses in Surat and Jaipur. Its all-India presence makes it easy to find the perfect printer for your production needs.

The ColorJet METRO is a commercial-grade digital inkjet printer that supports eight different colors. It has 32 print heads and supports multiple file formats. It can print on a variety of fabric types and has advanced color management features. The METRO is easy to use and is an excellent choice for small textile businesses. And with its ease of use, it’s a great fit for anyone with a tight budget.

For KSTCL, the Colorjet METRO digital inkjet printer proved a good choice. The company conceptualised a digital printing unit in September this year, and chose the Metro digital inkjet printer from Colorjet India Ltd. Its superior printing quality and low water usage makes it an ideal choice for this purpose. Whether you’re looking for a high-end printing solution for cellulosic textiles, or a low-volume printing solution, the Metro is perfect for the job.

The ColorJet METRO digital inkjet fabric printer is a high-speed fabric printing machine with advanced color management tools and a user-friendly software. It’s versatile and compatible with a range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, silk, and leather. It also accepts most types of inks and features a flexible color management system. The ColorJet METRO is ideal for small businesses, home-based businesses, and anyone looking to create high-quality textile products.

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