Chrome has become 23% faster with version 91

Google has updated Chrome to version 91, making the browser up to 23 percent faster.

However, the increased performance does not apply to everything you do, but only refers to running javascript in the browser.

Chrome 91 uses a new and improved javascript compiler that reads the code and runs it on your computer. The code to be executed has been optimized for storage in the computer’s memory, which speeds up the execution.

Saves 17 years of CPU time for users – every day

More specifically, this is a change that prevents Chrome from having to make unnecessary jumps in the code when running various functions, which saves a lot of time.

You might think that 23 percent does not sound like much. But according to Thomas Nattestad, product manager for Chrome at Google, it saves 17 years of CPU time every day for users.

Not bad.

This is just one of several major optimizations made to Chrome recently.

Chrome has previously been updated for 22 percent lower memory usage, less GPU usage and generally increased browser responsiveness. Overall, welcome and useful updates that make browsing better for Chrome users.

Profile Guided Optimization really speeds up the browser

Google Chrome has also been updated in the past with 10 percent faster charging times thanks to a compiler technology called Profile Guided Optimization (PGO).

The goal of PGO is for critical parts of a website to take precedence and load faster than before. It’s a technology used in newer versions of Chrome on both Windows and macOS today.

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