Colorful iMac still in 2021? | March event yes or no? | AirPods 3 safe in-ear? – NOW in the apple chat

Colorful iMac still in 2021?  |  March event yes or no?  |  AirPods 3 safe in-ear?  - NOW in the apple chat

Is the iMac getting colorful? And much more important? Will the MacBook Pro get new connections or will old connections be returned? This is what concerns us, among other things, in today’s broadcast, to which I warmly welcome you as always.

As usual, we will start this show with some mail from you. A letter almost throws us into one of our topics, but we break away from it first and put the listener off – don’t be angry. 😉

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Today’s topics

  • 00:00:00: Intro and drivel
  • 00:02:30: Listener post: What are the benefits of sleep tracking? | Always-on display: pros and cons
  • 00:14:30: Keynote on March 16? Prosser vs. Gurman and what’s next?
  • 00:22:50: Mac Rumors: Are Colorful iMacs and a Mac Mini Pro Coming?
  • 00:42:30: AirPods 3 in pictures: in-ear style confirmed?
  • 00:54:30: Our sponsor: TINK (-> Save up to 50%: Smart home deals of the week)
  • 01:58:20: MacBook Pros 2021: Which ports are coming back?
  • 01:06:45: Malware on M1 Macs: Background + antivirus software useful?
  • 01:22:20: Tim Cook: Apple was more innovative than ever in 2020 … really?

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Wild rumors about products in March

Jon Prosser struck again and YouTube, Twitter and Co. with numerous outbreaks covered over possible new products from Apple that may or may not appear in March. Was mentioned here about the iPad Pro 2021that other observers expect soon. Besides, it wasn’t just he who got involved possible March event from Apple, which others claim it does not take place at all. What’s right now? How should we know this?

Then there was the AirPods 3, which was long said to be released in early 2021. Nobody wants to talk about that anymore, after all, new picture leaks there was this again the other day.

What connections does the new MacBook get?

Then we can dream a little: About possibly the best Mac in years, the gets more connections again and clears up the USB-C monotony – maybe.

Mac malware

Meanwhile, the authors of malware keep up to date to jump on the M1-Mac which leads us to discuss the difficult subject of antivirus software and its legitimacy on the Mac.

How innovative is Apple?

And then there was nor this: A pleasant assertion by Apple boss Tim Cook, according to which Apple has never been as innovative as in the past year 2020. Well, you can of course see it that way.

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