Content Marketing for Startups: From A to Z

Content marketing is the future of audience engagement and is currently one of the most effective trendy strategies in the digital marketing industry. Content marketing in theory is a tactic that involves creating, publishing, distributing, and promoting well-thought, relevant and valuable content to the right audiences with the purpose of marketing and education. While established agencies opt for a result-oriented professional digital agency in Dubai with cost effective offers,  you can follow the following book to start content marketing for/ or as a startup owner. 

Content Marketing for Startups: From A to Z

A. Establish your audience persona. A persona is the fictionalized representation of the ideal customers representing pain points, needs and wants, buying patterns, personal and professional goals, interests, and demo info (age, gender, and location). Establishing the user personally is basically being affirmed about your target audience. 

B: Deeply research your competitors: here is a rule for growth research about the same level competition and how you can outdo them and for inspiration search higher level competition on how they maintain content and consistency. Rely on others to mirror your steps in the industry. 

C: Work on the original tone. Plagiarism is highly frowned upon in the content marketing industry and even the google algorithms wouldn’t support you there. Develop an original tone, content manner, and aura for efficient content marketing. Whether your product is unique or not, your product presentation originality matters. 

D: Make sure your persona aligns with real customers. Being a first-timer in the content marketing industry, you might mistake the ideal customers as the goal. Once you have established the persona, follow the analysis to see if the real audience matches the persona.

E: Keyword research according to the niche. Without the keyword search, your content wouldn’t rank on the google SERPs and the audience wouldn’t know it existed. SEO plays a huge role in content visibility, researching the strongest keywords relevant to your industry, brand, products, or services.  and remember to incorporate them into your content. 

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F: Assess the previous content for weaknesses. At the beginning of the business, we all create some of the content for publication till we finally opt for a professional approach. Assess the old content for the weakness and revamp it according to the new strategy. 

G: Create an organized content calendar.  Creating a content calendar will keep your ideas on paper and provide accessibility to create and modify them with the flow.

H: Decided the primary nature of the content. There are several forms of content including blog, articles, email campaigns, social media posts, podcasts, videos, infographics, case studies, and testimonials. 

I: Decide primary content distribution channels. Depending on the form of content you choose, you also have to decide the primary and focused distribution channel. For example, visual based content works best on tik took, youtube and instagram, whereas blogs work the best on blogspot platforms. 

J: Align your brand identity on social media. To make your appearance vivid on the internet your brand identity should align across the social media platforms. Work on logo,  theme and tone to align the identity. 

K: Align strategy with sales funnel. Content marketing should pull in new audiences and move them through your sales funnel until they convert to a customer. 

L: Create a well scheduled calendar. Based on the platform algorithms there is often a specific time frame and day during which you get better engagement. Creating a well scheduled calendar will also help you maintain consistency.

M: Watch the current buzz. The difference between current buzz and trend is that trend buzz is particularly relevant to your niche and a trend is that is followed by almost everyone. 

N: Submit content to reputable and trustworthy sites. There is a common practice in SEO known as backlinking that increases the credibility of your business. Create content that would bring value to backlining websites and hence engagement to your business. 

O: Focus on visual appeal. Content marketing isn’t just about articles and blogs but also it;s presentation. Include  an infographic with interactive elements and interesting graphics to level your content engagement. 

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P: Go for influencer marketing. Your business needs a certain stability to go for influencer marketing as it requires investment. However, in the meanwhile you should keep a keen eye on the influencer for your business. 

Q: Regardless of response posts on social media with hashtags. Sometimes certain channels will not provide you engagement but that’s alright. As a business you should have a presence at all social platforms and post content with relevant hashtags to enhance the reach. 

R: Target long-tail keywords. The general and humanistic phrases that audiences use while searching for a particular thing are used as long trail keywords. Such keywords are long and in a conversational tone. Long-tail keywords are important because they are used at a point near to purchase. 

S: Analyze the response. analyzing the results of your campaigns is important for strategic purposes. The popularity and engagement of a certain type of content can help you expand your business in a particular direction. 

T: Bring back occasional content. Certain types of content such as DIYs, how-to and why types of blogs are always in season especially when you connect them to the festivals. Every season brings back your old content with some upgrades and revamping. 

U: Focus on CTA too. A call to action is an integral part of any business. At the end of the content marketing funnel, you need conversions for business success. Make sure you are occasionally, subtly focusing on the call to action as well. 

V: Experiment with new strategies as well. The market and the algorithms are always changing and hence you should be familiar with a couple of functional strategies to keep up with the market flow. You can experiment with different content, channels, and keywords to say. 

W: Reflect expert’s opinion. Being inspired by an expert’s opinion is one thing and paraphrasing the same opinion is another. Content originality is one of the important aspects of content marketing. Create content that reflects experts’ guidance. 

X: Standardize your content through tools and manpower. Somewhere around the lane you will require a team of writers to keep up with the strategy. At this point, it is important to maintain the standard of the content i.e punctuation, credibility, and tone through paid tools and an experienced proofreader. 

Y: Always remember the rule to entertain, inspire, educate and convince with content. Once you are further into the funnel of content marketing, as a beginner things could get out of track. If you are experiencing creative block generating ideas just remember the 4 rules mentioned above. 

Z: Collaborate with other content creators. As a content creator, you can collaborate with other content creators in the same niche. For example, you have a business well-being product so you collaborate (even in the form of an interview) with the same niche influencer. The collaboration has more collaboration criteria, unlike influencer marketing which is paid and promotional only. 

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