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Control your Mac with Siri Remote and Remote Buddy


Did you know that your Mac can be controlled with a new and improved Siri Remote? With the Remote Buddy app, this is possible thanks to an update to version 2.
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You already use Remote Buddy with a whole host of other remote controls from manufacturers like Logitech. The new update supports Siri Remote, and there’s a lot you can do.

Reading tips: Apple has released macOS 11.6 “Big Sur”

Admittedly, it is not possible to control exactly everything in macOS. However, you can control things like presentations, video playback, music and various browser features.

And with the steering wheel on the remote control, you can move around the mouse pointer on the screen. Maybe not with the best precision, but it is entirely possible. You can also use the buttons to move the mouse pointer in steps.

If you hold down the volume key, you get a virtual keyboard to type without a physical keyboard.

Remote Buddy is not a free tool. The costs 25 euros to get the app. Before you have to pay, you can try the tool for free for a 30-day period.
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If you already have an older version of Remote Buddy that no longer receives updates, you can buy an upgrade for 15 euros instead. Then you get updates for a year before you have to buy the same upgrade again.

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