Cooler Master presents new flagship among coolers

Cooler Master Masterair MA624 Stealth

Cooler Master continues to surprise and this time a new flagship cooler that is not small but does its job.

Cooler Master Masterair MA624 Stealth is the name of the new processor cooler that will be the flagship model when it comes to air cooling.

Masterair MA624 Stealth has double cooling towers with six thick heat pipes, if we look at other Masterair coolers we recognize the solution. There is room for two PWM fans of max 140mm.

The 140mm fans on the side may be in the way of the memory modules. Therefore, the Cooler Master comes with a third fan of 120mm that can be attached to the top, but then calculate that the height is higher than 160mm.

Masterair MA624 Stealth will be compatible with the following sockets Intel LGA 115X, 1200, 2011 and 2066 or if you want to drive on AMD, it is FM1 and AM4 that apply.

Cooler Master Masterair MA624 Stealth will go on sale during the second quarter and the price tag is SEK 949.

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