Could be activated via update

HomePod and HomePod Mini are updated to software version 14.3

The HomePod Mini apparently has an internal temperature and humidity sensor. This could be activated in the future via software update and then make additional smart home products superfluous. Why Apple did not activate this function from the start remains unclear.

Apple has that HomePod Mini (Affiliate-Link) apparently a sensor for measuring the room temperature and humidity built in, that goes from one report the agency Bloomberg, which is based on the knowledge of the repair specialist iFixit. After that, this sensor is not installed in the immediate vicinity of the internal electronics, as would normally be expected if the sensor were only to detect internal overheating and initiate a shutdown.

Apple could activate temperature measurement via software update

It is completely unclear why Apple did not activate the function for all users when the HomePod Mini was launched. Various smart home products with corresponding sensors are currently on the market, and the Echo 4 from Amazon also has an integrated room temperature sensor. It is not known when Apple will activate this in the HomePod Mini.

As Bloomberg goes on to say, Apple has a certain lack of concept when it comes to its own smart home plans. Work will continue on devices with cameras and screens, but no market launch is planned for the foreseeable future. Only recently did Apple like in one corresponding message discontinued the original HomePod and will henceforth initially focus on the HomePod Mini.

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