Customized Cookie Boxes That Attract Customers Towards Your Brand

The Need For Custom Cookie Boxes:

Custom-shaped cookies have always been a rage with customers. Be it the conventional circular or square shape. People have permanently opted for a cookie shaped to suit their taste and convenience. But what about a box that suits your customer’s tastes and preferences?

Cookie Boxes are an integral part of any brand promotion as they allow the customer to take away their favorite branded cookies from retail stores. This helps send a strong message about your brand through customized cookie boxes. Unlike traditional packaging methods, these boxes provide much-needed flexibility to business owners and consumers regarding product handling and usage.

The following tips will help you capture customers’ attention easily by customizing your cookie packaging:

A Beginner’s Guide To Designing Quality Boxes

1. Highlight your brand logo or product name by embossing the same on the surface of the box. This is one of the most preferred customizing a cookie box because it helps create a unique identity for your products and ensures adequate customer exposure.

2. If you want to add some personal touch, you can get your message printed along with your company’s details onto the box. Using relatively cheaper options such as offset lithography, ink is directly transferred from rubber plates to boxes or screen printing machines. Which involves spraying pre-saturated ink through a mesh on boxes made of paper material. While these custom mailer boxes are cost-effective, they do not give an elegant look and feel while displaying premium quality products.

3. If you want to give your cookie box a classier and more sophisticated look, then stamping is the way out! This technique involves pushing pre-saturated ink onto the material from engraved plates at high pressure. At the same time, this method may cost around three times as much as other methods. It gives an elegant feel and personal touch, essential for premium brands.

4. After deciding on your preferred customization option, ensure that all details such as product name, logo, and company name are placed accurately and symmetrically. So that they present a good appearance and do not hamper the overall function of boxes. You can also use rolls of colored tapes or small bows made using custom boxes can enhance the appeal.

5. Another way to customize your boxes is by printing special offers and discounts on them. This will help attract customers and boost sales while also showing your clientele that you care for their business.

 Printing Adds Fun In Cookie Boxes:

Printing on your cookie packaging box takes your business and the product to another level. It adds a special touch to your regular cookie boxes and makes them look more exquisite. Printing is an efficient way of letting others know about your brand or company and also helps in connecting with consumers.

There are many ways to print on any box: you can foil print, spot color print, and even embossed effect, i.e. raised ink prints can be done on all kinds of boxes depending upon the fabric used for manufacturing them. The most suitable technique should be chosen according to the requirement of your packaging box, such as whether it will need re-usability or just once off usage. Following are some printing methods that you can use for cookie boxes:

Foil printing:

Adding a metallic touch to your boxes will make them look more attractive and appealing. This method is mainly used for chocolates or other types of food packaging as it highlights the presence of metals in the product. Foil pressed printing gives a shiny and classy appearance which can be used as an added value to your brand.

Embossing effect:

As the name suggests, this type of printing prints images or text that rise from the surface of your custom cookie boxes, thus giving them a 3d feel. Using embossed effect on any material, including corrugated cardboard. However, provide a one-of-a-kind tactile experience to customers, making them stand out from the competition.

Spot color printing:

Printing with spot colors is one of the most preferred printing techniques for customized boxes. It is less expensive compare to foil or embosse effect printing but gives a clean, sophisticate finish when done correctly. When using this method, you need to ensure that your artwork must be prepare in pdf format so that plates can be make accordingly at the press. Depending upon the number of spot colors in your design, different plates are engrave, which later transfer ink on boxes in just one press run.

Attractive Add-Ons:

Add-ons are great for cookie boxes with windows because they are transparent, showcasing your product effectively. Other add-ons include custom printed tissue paper, ribbon ties or decorative tapes, etc. These additional items come with attractive pre-designed templates that you can easily use while uploading your design on our website.

Decorative ribbons:

Adding garlands and ribbons to your boxes can give a wholly different and eye-catchy look. Using attractive colors and prints adds value to your brand while increasing product visibility. This method makes your packaging stand out from the competition due to the innovative idea behind it.

Custom printed tissue paper: 

Adding a custom print tissue paper always gives an added touch of classiness, ensuring that your products are not damaged during transit or storage. These papers have pre-designed templates that you can easily use to prepare a professional-looking artwork, thus leading to success in business.

Cookie Boxes Are All That You Need:

Cookie boxes with windows have unique shapes and standard sizes, so you must choose them wisely depending on the number of cookies they carry while making bulk orders. You can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to find the one that suits your requirement.

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