Cybershinu: Exploring New NFT Collectibles

Cybershinu is regarded as one of the most promising new dog meme NFT collectibles for coin investors.

The NFT underdog Cybershinu aspires to become the most well-known Shinu-themed token by bringing its users together as a community. This effort is focused on both people and animals. Cybershinu is an ERC-20 token based on the popular dog idea. Its goal is to bring all of its users together in society. The project started its pre-sale on February 21st and it will end on March 7th.

How does Cybershinu benefit investors?

To support its community, Cybershinu offers several intriguing features.

  • Members will be able to buy $CYSHI at a set cost of one $CYSHI per USD 0.005 during the presale. Whitelisting, as well as seed/early round sales, will be disallowed. As admittance is merely 0.005, everyone is treated equally. Holders will be able to collect their $CYSHI when the presale period ends by visiting the corporate website. One of the founders stated “We think that by using this distribution strategy, we will be able to construct a community site that is substantially more active and dynamic than the overwhelming majority of community sites now available.”
  • Cybershinu believes that coin owners should have total sovereignty over their NFT collectibles, which is why they are tax-free. Cybershinu’s designers also decided not to collect any kind of tax on tokens. A fee of between 5% and 15% is charged by several different meme companies, benefiting primarily the whales while hurting everyone else.
  • Cybershinu Pad – With the future easy contract wizard, members may build their own tokens. Similar to CYSHI, the Cybershi community will be allowed to run their presales without any issues.
  • Completely Decentralized – Because of its strong partnerships with other companies, Cybershinu is a truly decentralized network that allows users total control over their tokens. $CYSHI has big aspirations for the firm, and it expects to be used as collateral on a few websites. Its long-term objectives, which include the launch of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), are to empower people with new opportunities to make money.
  • Cybershinu NFTS – Cybershinu has a fantastic pixel graphics style, which is a first for the series. They’ll come in handy in the future for staking, passive income, and use in CyberShinu’s next GameFi initiatives, to mention a few things.

How does Cybershinu benefit animals?

Animal rescue groups (such as pet foster homes) and no-kill humane organizations will benefit from Cybershinu’s small charity fund. The crowdfunding effort for Cybershinu is solely reliant on the generosity of its supporters. The Cybershis intend to develop a non-profit humanitarian organization that will help individuals in need financially after sufficient money has been gathered via financing.

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