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Dark Noise for Mac and a new editor for Bear



Today we are penetrating into shaky territory. Shaky because we’re going to take a close look at two betas. Once the beta of Dark Noise for the Mac and once the new editor for Bear. We’ll show you what they can do in this AppSalat.

Dark Noise for the Mac can do that

Dark Noise for Mac is a Catalyst app. Catalyst means developers can take their iPad app and customize it for the Mac.

You notice that Dark Noise is such a catalyst app when you first open it. We already know the list with the individual sounds and mixes on the left and the player on the right from the version for the Apple tablet. You will quickly notice that the sounds are already synchronized via iCloud and can also be played. Views for settings and the mixer for your own mixes have not yet been integrated. AirPlay 2 doesn’t work either.

Dark noise

We think it’s cool that the player and the list are adjusted when the window is made smaller.
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That fits very well for a “compact” app like Dark Noise. We hope this is the default when you first open it. We would also be delighted if Dark Noise was added to the menu bar for the Mac.

Dark Noise is currently available for the iPhone and iPad for 6.99 euros.

Many new features for Bear’s editor

Bear’s developers are currently working on new features for the note editor. In principle, it was previously possible to capture notes with a slightly modified form of Markdown. In addition, the app could already offer a lot of formatting.

The first thing you can quickly see that the markdown has been improved. It is now set to the usual CommMark standard, styles are hidden after being inserted and these can now also be nested. There is also a redesigned keyboard view that makes it easier to insert the formats. It is now also possible for text passages to be collapsed.

Bear panda

In addition, tables and footnotes are now integrated into the editor. The handling of images has also been improved. They are now easier to edit and GIFs are also supported with the new editor.
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You can also draw graphics yourself using the same tools that Apple’s Notes app uses.

Bear is free to download for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The subscription with all features costs 1.49 euros per month or 15.99 euros per year.

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