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Dashlane gets a major upgrade with new features – smart password change

Password manager Dashlane is about to get a very big upgrade with many new features and improvements. Today there is a beta version that you can test before the new version is ready for wider rollout.

This is a completely reworked version of Dashlane for all platforms.
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Among the news, we find an improved function for auto-filling in login information. It uses machine learning to identify forms and text boxes on sites.

Perhaps a bigger news is that the password manager has a new system for automatically changing insecure passwords.

At the touch of a button, you let the password manager change all your insecure passwords on a variety of services, save everything on secure cloud storage and make sure you never lose a password again.

You do not have to visit site after site, service after service, to change your passwords. Now you can do everything directly via Dashlane in seconds.

Image: Dashlane

If Dashlane encounters problems, for example if you have 2FA activated on a service, you will receive a notification that manual handling is needed. You even get descriptions of how to proceed step-by-step.

It sounds good and is certainly a smooth feature, but only if you use the right services. Dashlane is not compatible with all sites and services on the internet today. It takes a bit of luck for you to nail everyone who has automatic password management enabled.

Dashlane has announced that the password manager supports just over 100 major and minor services today. That number will increase as soon as the developers only have the opportunity to add more.

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