Debug mode for Apple AirTag – how to enable it

Apple AirTag has a hidden debug mode that you can access via the Find app in your iPhone.

You can access the debug mode by quickly pressing the name of the tile four times in the Find app.

When debug mode is activated, you can see a whole lot of information that the user cannot normally see.

In order for it to be activated, you must first be within distance of your AirTag and have activated Precision Finding.

It is also worth mentioning that the debug mode has a number of hidden settings. You should be careful with these, because you may lose functionality if you change the wrong settings.

Image source: 9to5mac

To reset a setting, quickly press the number next to each setting twice. To turn off debug mode the same way you activated it – press the AirTag name four times quickly.

Among the information that the debug mode shows is the distance to your connected AirTag. You can also view and change information related to the camera function. Among other things, you can change the radius of blur, how powerful the colors should be and the brightness.

It is unclear why the debug mode can be activated so easily in the Find app.

At the time of writing, you can access the mode in iOS 14.5, 14.5.1 and the beta version of 14.6. It is unlikely that the debug mode will remain for a very long time, so try as soon as you want.

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