Decorate your shelves nicely

Having one or more different shelves at home is not uncommon. Today there are many different types of shelves to choose from. Regardless of whether you already have several shelves at home, or are going to buy new ones, it can be good to get tips on how you can decorate them or in them in a good way. Whether you have a bookshelf, wall shelf or a sideboard.

Shelves can be both practical and stylish to look at.
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One way to get that is to color them uniformly.
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No matter what color you want it to be, it’s best to have the same all over the shelf, that it goes tone by tone. If you have small things to display on your shelves, be sure to group them. It gives a calmer impression.

Also add a nice dish or a beautiful tray, so the still life is held together in a good way and gives a better effect.

More good tips for the shelf

Something that is not wrong to have on your shelf, it is some form of lighting. It does a lot! You can choose a nicely arranged loop or why not a cute little lamp with a dim light. There are also smart light strips to attach to the lower edges of the shelf.

Also remember to decorate your shelf in a personal way. Even if you have seen a nice shelf in a magazine, do not copy it straight off. Also add some personal items. Otherwise it can only get stiff and boring. Placing things on the shelf is important too.

It must be a good balance. It should not, so to speak, tip over, so that you have a lot of big things on one side and small on the other. Feel free to put plants of different kinds in their shelves, it gives the shelf a living feeling.

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