Denuvo is on its way to Playstation 5

Denuvo is on its way to Playstation 5

Soon it may be cheating on Playstation 5 as Denuvo’s protection against cheating is underway and we can hope it can help a little in any case.

Irdeto which is the company behind Denuvo has now confirmed that they will get into consoles and it is a bit unexpected that Playstation 5 looks to be first.

Denuvo is an anti-cheating tool that has been available on PC for some time, but which is now also being developed for consoles.

How well it actually works on PC is a discussion in itself.

But Denuvo is not completely new or underway, according to Irdeto, they have already implemented this tool in several games, but you do not want to say which games it is, which is perhaps just as good.

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