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Designing Mistakes To Take Care Quickly In Order to Avoid Costly Failures

Web designers and graphic designers hold a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. From the approval to the team lead, head of the department, to all the way to the customer’s reaction, their designs have to go through a lot of phases. Landing page design is considered the most tricky thing in the world of online businesses. Nowadays, when even a street food vendor might have his own website, the competition has increased by thousands of fold if you actually want your website to stand out.

Many graphic design companies in Jaipur have stated that their old ways of designing landing pages are no longer enticing for customers and website visitors. With the increasing number of ready-made landing pages, they have to think out of the box and constantly come up with creative ideas in order to satisfy their clients.

They further mentioned a scenario when one of their clients who owned anandroid app development company in Jaipur reported that the brand new landing page we designed for them is generating double amounts of leads for them than their average amount of leads of the last five years. A direct revenue jump of 100% may not seem large at the first glance, however, it can make a critical difference when it comes to an organization’s survival. The company was using ready-made landing page templates for the last five years and over time, they become extremely common that they failed to hold the visitor’s attention for more than a few seconds. As a result, they started to lose sales even after they doubled their paid marketing budget. In other words, they were losing money on both fronts.

According to several studies held in the past few years about a visitor’s behavior on a webpage, the attention span of online surfers is getting thinner and thinner. Today, it’s no more than 7 seconds. If a web page, or in our case, a landing page fails to bind the user’s eyes on the webpage for more than 7 seconds, there’s a high chance that the visitor will switch to other platforms. However, there are some landing page design mistakes that you can avoid in order to get more sales or conversions:

1) Remove the Main Menu Navigation Bar

If you give a child a toy to play then he/she will happily play with it. But if you give them 10 toys instead, then he/she will get confused that which toy they should play with. The same thing happens when you give too many clicking options to your user by keeping the main menu navigation bar on the landing page. It usually distracts them and keeps them away from clicking the specific CTAs you want them to click.

2) Having Multiple Options

This kind of tactic is a strict no in most of the world’s top graphic designers. If you are offering multiple CTAs like downloading the PDFs, filling the inquiry form, call button, and the buy button, then there’s a big possibility that the option they will choose might not be the one you wanted them to click. In order words, not all options can hold equal weightage and generate the same amount of revenue.

3) Preview of Good and Services You’re Offering is Essential

The preview of anything, be it your content, product, or service is very important. It develops a feeling of excitement in the viewer and makes him follow the steps you want him to follow. In other words, why not show off if your product is literally very great?

4) SEO Optimization of Your Landing Pages

Paid marketing is a great way to generate sufficient traffic. However, you have to continuously spend money on that. Once you stop the cash flow, the daily visits on your landing page will drop down to almost zero. That’s why you should carry on your SEO optimization and off-page SEO activities to bring your webpage to the top of the SERP and keep the organic traffic incoming.

The landing page design mistakes we have listed here are extremely common. And yet, a plethora of businesses as well as website designing companies overlook them. If you successfully avoid these landing page design mistakes, then not only the website staying time of the visitor will increase, but they will be more interested in exploring the complete page and clicking on CTAs, submitting inquiries, or subscribing to your newsletter.

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