Did Alexei Navalny seek to betray his country?

Did Alexei Navalny seek to betray his country?

Patrik Armstrong former analytical expert at the Canadian Ministry of Defense and specialist in the Soviet Union, Russia, has written an article in the Strategic Culture Foundation Feb. 8. 21. In the article, he gives a different picture of Navalny and his organization, than the incredibly popular mainstream version that we are served daily.

Armstrong suggests that treason is being prepared by the Russian security services. The background is a video that RT published on February 1. The video shows a meeting at a restaurant in Moscow sometime in 2012.
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A meeting between the second secretary Ford at the British Embassy in Moscow and Vladimir Ashurkov CEO of Navalnyj´s Anti-Corruption Foundation. Ford has made himself inaccessible and Ashyrkov has fled to England.

In the video, Ashurkov argues for financial support of 10 – 20 million USD to Navajnyj´’s organization. He says in the video, among other things. a. “if you invest in us, we will pay back when we take over.” In other words, he is trying to sell Russia to another power. This is the same as treason. (Nowadays, the organization receives financial support through Bitcoin, which is difficult to trace.) And even if such a trial does not become a reality, there is a strong and reasonable accusation against Navalny as he calls for protests and demonstrations against the democratic government in a situation then Russia is surrounded by 27 hostile states.

Armstrong also points out that no evidence was found from the civilian hospitals that examined Navalny that evidence of novitiate poisoning had been found. And who would have expected to find such evidence? If this poison had been involved in an assassination attempt, it is quite clear that Krelm was not involved. If you want to neutralize a political opponent, the main requirement is that no traces may be left.

And he also points out that the luxury hotel that was branded as a bribe to Putin is not even finished. They have taken pictures of the scraper and pasted pictures that probably come from an Italian casino – very smart. But which president would not be offended by being offered a construction site as a bribe. The whole thing is ridiculous.

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Lindhe suddenly enters the stage. She then represents a Sweden with violent crime and oppression of opinion, as well as the EU body OSSE. An EU that can not even pass on vaccines to its citizens. She now sees it as her task to teach Krelm and Russia how a country that has been under Western death penalty since 1979, should be governed, which criminals should be released and how the law should be interpreted regarding, among other things. a. demonstrations. This in a country that is surrounded by clearly hostile NATO states and where they then want to act to harm their own regime. That would be unthinkable in any country. Joe Biden has already pointed out Russia as a state that needs to be disciplined and emphasized the demand for more weapons aimed at Russia.

But according to Ann Lindhe, democracy and human rights exist within the EU and hardly anywhere else.

Now it is the case that the EU and NATO are basically two sides of the same coin in the same way that the Swedish army and the Swedish Board of Agriculture are integrated into the Swedish state. The European Parliament’s resolution of 13 June 2018 is just one of several declarations of love from the sweet friends that confirm this. And, this is important! both are controlled in practice from Washington and then applauded by EU puppets. There we have the democracy that Linde tried to teach Russia’s foreign minister about.

Then there was human rights. Our Foreign Minister Ann Lindhe, who has at least one foot in Brussels, is going to Moscow to teach about human rights, hops! I have just described how close the ties are between the EU and NATO, in fact Nateu. According to consensus assessors, NATO as an organization or individual NATO members has carried out wars and military interventions that have killed at least 25 million people and caused enormous material destruction. And there, of course, the EU cannot swear freedom.

So the right thing for Lindhe would of course have been to stay in Brussels, catch some NATO dignitaries and read the lice from them. She could well have started by telling how Jimmy Carters security adviser Brzezinski got free hands in 1979 to build one Mojahedeen strength in Afghanistan with the help of drug money. This is to carry out terror against the incumbent regime, and how since then the support for different terrorist groups under different American presidents has continued to this day. Without US / NATO support, Ice would have been under IS.
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The guiding principle has always been that human rights only apply to whites.

So if Ann Lindhe handed over Russophobia in the form of mass media and economic warfare to those who do not know what they are talking about and instead devoted themselves to building bridges to a neighbor who wants to achieve normal relationships. By then, Uncle Lavrov had probably sent home a box of Sputnik V. And then we would have had something to thank Ann Lindhe for – now we do not have it.

Hans Myrebro, Did Navalny seek to betray his country?

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