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The beginning of the year 2020 was fully implying that the tech-led world has discovered the horizons that are hard to be beaten until the pandemic of the coronavirus convulsed everyone on earth.

The respiratory disease is desperately in the need of a vaccine that may be able to decapitate the seemingly invincible Coronavirus. 

Incipient Coronavirus outbreak

China was the first victim of this global pandemic Wuhan and Hubei were the first two places where this virulent pandemic wrecked the impromptu damage. The first few days of the coronavirus were unexpectedly berserk which led to several casualties within no time.

China is widely considered as the birthplace of this pandemic but health experts say that China should not be blamed for this virus because the virus has its range to spread like a wildfire worldwide.

Coronavirus pandemonium started in December 2019 taking the entire Wuhan city under siege. The pandemic Wrecked a voracious fracas throughout the city Which compelled the concerned authorities to finally lock down the city for a while. After perpetual reports of consecutive casualties throughout the city, The world-renown health organization W.H.O (World Health Organization) finally declared that the virus may have a global pandemic effect it then finally declared the virus name the COVID19.


After a clear message from public health officials from China that people are getting an infection from an unknown virus which causes extreme fatigue and illness that leads towards pneumonia-like illness in the city of Wuhan.

W.H.O (World Health Organization) very quickly determined that the virus had a powerful effect and it may lead to further severe consequences. Scientists firmly believed that this newly identified virus jumped to the global community in the imprimis stages of December 2019 which then started to spread its viral effect throughout China and ultimately worldwide.

Scientists also revealed that this is not the first time that humans have to face this sort of viral pandemic but previously we had a history of these virulent types of viruses noticeably SARS back in 2002 and Mers in 2012. Scientists are primarily perplexed from the strange effects of this pandemic virus but later on, they skip their surmisal and they elucidate heavily on the consequences and outcome of this virulent coronavirus.

After the publication of the first analysis of this virus on January 24 the elite group of scientists elucidated that case and found out that the virus has jumped into the human being from the seafood market which then causes the virulent effect throughout the world.



Even with this massive impact of science and technology worldwide, scientists are still not able to provide the most effective remedy for this virus. This is a manifest fact that the pandemic virus can only be treated with the help of a powerful vaccine but all the concerned authorities seem to be deadened against this virus.

More amazingly with this strong technology and profound research industries, even the superpowers are still unable to overcome this virus with any effective strategy or medicine. However, The world health organization firmly believes that the pandemic can only be controlled with the help of an effective vaccine which is still a dilemma for all of us. Globally numerous companies are still in a stiff working process to develop a recondite vaccine to control this pandemic.

Top academic institutions all around the world are engaged in developing the vaccine for the cure of this coronavirus and even some of them have already created a few samples. All these well versed academic institutes are testing these samples on animals. The first one was produced by a Boston based biotech firm. But still, a very large number of highly skilled workers are trying to find the best vaccine to exterminate the coronavirus once and for all. The recently developed vaccines are developed according to the same principle. The primarily present part of the pathogen to the human immune system, to prompt the system to produce antibodies to the pathogen.

Normally, immunization has been achieved using the live ramshackle forms of the virus or any part of the virus once it has been abandoned by the process of heat and chemicals. The harsh fact about these methods is that they have drawbacks. Due to the continuation of the live form in the host, it can make the recipient sick so there must be a higher or repetitive dose of abandoned and inactivated virus to acquire the necessary degree of protection.

These methods are being used excessively in most of the research organizations to ensure maximum safety. Some Covid19 projects are fluently using these tried-and-tested approaches, but other modern research centers are relying on newer technology to produce more effective and dedicated results. One of the newest strategies that Novavax is using, for example – develops a “recombinant” vaccine. These cases are for Moderna and another Boston company CureVac, both of them are immensely focusing on building effective Covid19 vaccines out of messenger RNA.

Casualties worldwide due to Corona virus

Coronavirus has spread destruction worldwide that has never been seen before. The death toll around the world has reached the pinnacle that has never gone so high. In Italy, the death toll rises to 10000 which is the record number for any country the rate of casualties in Italy has made the lockdown in the country almost certain according to the latest glasnosts, another 889 people died yesterday making it the second-highest since the berserk epidemic has emerged. The USA has now reached the maximum number of coronavirus victims and it seems that the epidemic may rise more direly in April. China, Germany, France, Spain, and Iran are also among the most affected countries.


Health officials throughout the world are advising people to use hand sanitizers for hand washing. The W.H.O is giving its best precautions to people all over the world which includes the usage of hand sanitizers, social distancing, Avoid handshaking, hugging, sneezing in your arms and even conversion of ordinary goods like the passing of newspapers, etc. The epidemic of coronavirus is very hard to be stopped and health experts all around the world are trying their best to provide people with most recondite and exact information about safety and precaution. Until now it looks like that the pandemic corona is berserk enough for any calamity but it is our responsibility to handle it very sedately and carefully.

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