Does Apple prefer itself? French authority sees possible violation of GDPR

What Christmas surprise does Apple bring on Tuesday?

Apple may have given itself too far-reaching opportunities to exploit user data, while third-party manufacturers and developers are being disadvantaged: The French data protection authority is currently examining whether the company is violating the GDPR with its own advertising platform.

Apple is not a very big number in the global advertising market, but the iPhone company also still maintains its own advertising networks. There, as with Google, Facebook and Co., some personal data is collected. These can also be used to display personalized advertising.
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The customer can pull himself out of the data transfer, but that may not be enough: Apple may demand more from its developers than you are prepared to do yourself, the French authority for the data protection Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des has this suspicion Libertés (CNIL and on this reflection a test procedure is set upwhich is currently running in relation to Apple’s advertising network.

Is the competition being disadvantaged?

Apple prohibits the cross-app and cross-provider tracking of users by developers on its own platform, and data may not be sold to third parties, but Apple’s ecosystem allows personalized advertising to be displayed to customers based on the evaluation of their app usage behavior based. This approach could violate the European GDPR.

The French authorities recently determined that Apple’s app tracking requirement did not violate European law, as we did in one previous message had reported. This investigation was initiated by French industry associations in the advertising industry. The problem of possible unequal treatment arises, however, where the user’s own activities have to be proactively restricted, while the competition has to obtain permission for this on its own initiative. A decision could be a long time coming.
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